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The halfway point

Posted Jun 19 2012 5:00am
Now that I've kept Caleb's alive and healthy for seven months, I think it's time to reassess where momma is at. I stopped doing postpartum updates at two months because I learned that I was content with where I was at and didn't want to drive myself batty with numbers and measurements...but I figure that since I'm over the halfway point, it's time I check my progress.

And even though I measured myself just for kicks the other day and am pretty happy with the numbers, I'm still a believer in gauging how I feel and how I look so I'll spare you the numbers and focus on my strengths and weaknesses instead.

At the beginning of the year , I mentioned that one of my goals was to get stronger. And while I'm still not where I want to be, I can definitely tell that I am much stronger. What's really helped me recently is to step back on the weights and work on my form.

So here are my strengths so far

Deadlifts. I can say that deadlifts are cake for me and my numbers continue to pile on. And as a result, my butt has been looking pretty good lately....cue "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

Very old preggo pic of me doing deadlifts while in my first trimester :)

Cleans. During crossfit the other day I was told that I have a perfect clean. That made me giddy for a bit there. Then I discovered that I'm cleaning a lot more weight than I'm used to and I got deliriously happy after that.

Hill sprints. Even with my foot trouble I can still sprint up a hill pretty fast and it's definitely improved my overall sprint time. I can now sprint at the 12 speed instead of my usual 10 on the treadmill :)

Yoga. Since joining this new gym, I've been very good about doing yoga once or twice a week and I'll even do a few vinyasas before bed sometimes. As a result, I've mastered a few poses I once thought were impossible during my attempts to do yoga while pregnant.

Split jerks. Another one of my favorite oly lifts that I feel like I have a good grasp on and that I was again told I have awesome form for. I'm also getting up there with the numbers for this one as well.

There are just a few more but in my efforts to not sound like I'm bragging, let's focus on my areas that need lots of improvement. Plus, even if I'm feeling pretty confident about my current abilities, it still never hurts to work harder and try harder. There is always room for improvement.

Now for the areas I desperately need to work on
Running. Even though I've always claimed I'm not a long distance runner, I haven't run anything over 5 miles since Caleb was born and I'd like to be able to again without feeling like I'm on the verge of never making it to my next birthday. My current issue is with my foot problem and time. He has a very short happy time frame to ride in the stroller and it's hard setting time for myself to run when it's just...myself. I have to find a way to make this work.

Squats. Whether its front squats, zercher squats, you name it, I really need to work on these, add more weight and focus on getting ass-to-grass!

Lunges. Also another lift that I need to do more and add more weight. I need to get over my fear of my legs crumbling and just add another plate or two!

Double Unders. There's no eloquent way to put it. I suck hard at these. I can jump rope till I'm blue in the face but I can't get a decent row of double unders to save my life. I need to practice, practice, practice!

Turkish Get-ups. This is one kettlebell move that I struggle with. Perhaps Amanda could help me out with this? ;)

I realize this is not a pic of me doing a turkish get up. I just wanted to show everyone my scary face here, okay?

Again, another lift where I've mastered the form, (thanks to awesome Crossfit instructors!) but I need to be able to do these with, drumroll please...MORE weight!

From that short list I've concluded that adding more weight is the biggest thing I need to work on. I've learned that in order to increase my lifts, I need to lift more but be careful not to overtrain, master my form, improve my grip strength, and fuel myself properly before working out. So the next step for me is to actually get off my ass and do it.

As for my postpartum body, I'm feeling pretty good. If I'm confident enough to post a gazillion pics of me in a bikini on Facebook, Instagram and the blog, then I'd say I'm pretty happy with myself and the numbers can go screw themselves. Of course I still have areas to improve but as I've said before, I'm working on getting stronger, not to look like a Maxim model.

So that's where I'm at right now. Getting stronger is currently in the works so wish me luck, peeps. I've got goals to reach!

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