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The good life...

Posted Feb 09 2011 6:31am
The BBC is running a show called “Grand Designs” which follows future homeowners in their pursuit of the “Home Dream”. Now, we are all aware of this one- it’s the dream that creeps up in the back of your mind and every so often you image what it would be like to design your own home, your own space. The funny thing is that from tonight’s episode I didn’t take away ideas on the most beautiful eco-materials or the wonderful airiness of open-space living, or, for that matter, the gorgeousness of the wooden beams that were sprinkled around the house creating a space that whispers calm. What I took away from it was the life lesson.This particular couple now live in the French countryside. The husband is a writer and to tell you the truth not a mainstream kinda guy-an eccentric artist if you will. The lesson lies in the floaty, happy, calm countenance this skinny man exuded as he stood in his wooden beamed framed writing-area that overlooked the best of the countryside which was in turn framed by a beautiful glass door that leads onto the balcony. The entire thing simply screamed clean-living and dream-living and all those wonderfully clichéd which hardly mean anything anymore- until I saw this man’s skin glow with excitement at the thought of having achieved what he did.How many of us just slog day to day without the hope of seeing daylight? And to be very honest with ourselves, how many of us are allowed the luxury of living our own personal dreams with the pressure that surrounds us? We are pounded into drones of one another and forced to morph into little square boxes which fit the dimensions of socially accepted, under-appreciated, and stunted.  How can we be healthy this way? How can we be the best we can be forced to study something, being told that what we really love and really want to do won’t make us money? And I think that the absolute worst nuance about a modern lifestyle is that not making money is now synonymous with unhappiness.With these restrictions and constrictions and bonds it’s no wonder we are so unhappy, unhealthy and just so damn depressed. So maybe we could all take a little lesson from the eccentric artist gleefully revelling in his dream- and we could live it a little each day if the whole truth of it is too hard to swallow.
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