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The good and bad about Diet Soda

Posted Dec 18 2012 6:28am

The craze about diet soda started when major cola companies released their versions of diet colas with the slogan that they are much healthier than the regular cola drinks as it comes with no sugar such that even diabetic patients can consume it. Regular cola beverages are sweetened with sugar and hence their calorific value is high. Hence regular sweetened soda drinks are a major health concern for people who are overweight and those who are concerned about their health and weight. Thus compared to the regular colas diet soda appeared to be a much healthier option because of its low calorific value that doesn’t promote weight gain. This lead to the immense success and popularity of the drink compared to others drinks. But recent research exposed certain eye opening facts that were previously unknown about the low calorie beverage. Research revealed that although the beverage don’t cause any short term side effects or damage but can cause harm to the body if consumed in large quantities over a long period of time. The bigger fact is, even without sugar soda contains chemicals and agents that can cause diseases such as cancer, digestive failure, obesity, etc. in the long run. Hence one must think several times before opening that bottle of diet soda because it may not be so diet after all. Below mentioned are some important facts about the beverage that you must know before you buy and consume it.

Health Risks of Diet Soda

Kidney Problems: Consuming it on a regular basis can cause kidney damage. Study conducted by experts on a large number of people revealed that 2 cans of diet soda consumed daily resulted in the significant drop of kidney functioning compared to those who consumed other drinks.

Decrease in metabolism: The drink can also mess up with your natural metabolism. Artificial sweeteners in diet soda contain chemicals such as sucralose and aspartame that can slow down metabolism rate.

Obesity: Although it is calorie free, extensive research on the long term effect of artificial sweetener present in diet colas revealed contradictory facts. People who consume more of such low calorie beverages may actually gain more weight over time. Studies have also revealed that consuming more of such drinks can cause type 2 diabetes.

Teeth damage: Sodas contain teeth corrosive substances that can cause serious damage to the teeth over the long run. People who consume diet colas often are more susceptible to teeth and gum related problems.

Nutrition Deficiency: In comparison to fruit juice and other natural beverages that are rich in vitamins and other minerals sodas contain no vital nutrients and prolonged consumption can lead to nutritional deficits.

Poisonous contamination: This beverage comes in plastic bottles which contain a poisonous substance called bisphenol that can saturate from bottles to the drink and upon consumption, this harmful chemical enters in your body. Bisphenol can weaken your immune system causing several complications in the long run.

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