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The Flip Side of Multitasking

Posted Nov 27 2013 1:25am
If you are racing towards your goals and living a fast paced life and you feel you are a whiz at multitasking, it is time you slow down and retrospect your life.

The Flip Side of MultitaskingThe frenetic world of multi tasking is a delusional world which makes us believe that we are being efficient by switching tasks at break neck speed but it is a pre conceived and a false myth which eventually has health hazards and taxes your mind and body to a point of complete breakdown.

Multi tasking lacks human emotions and is a mechanical process of living life, which at times turns in a futile and monotonous routine.

The ways to avoid multi tasking from your life style is stay present in the moment and improving your powers of concentration, rational thinking and avoiding all distractions like you may turn off your television while reading, or switch off your computer while watching television, and make quality time for yourself by not allowing any intrusions in your .

Clear you work table as a tidy desk is a sigh of discipline and fewer things catch your eyes and divert your attention. Value and evaluate your tasks, and allot them a time period and divide your time in to chunks like a professional and re learn to uni tasking which was the way of life in the good old days where there was efficiency, albeit sans the stress.

Although the present generation believes that multitasking is a reflection of efficiency, yet the outcome is not really worth it and ironically if you prioritise your life and goals, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know that it is not necessary to multitask and you are able to complete one task at a time in a comfortable time frame.

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