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The Five Biggest Diet Trends of 2012

Posted Jan 31 2013 3:48am

Every year we see hundreds of new diet trends, but what really works, what is truly good for you. In this article we will take  a look at diet trends and diet fads of 2012!

It’s a New Year and you know what that means: lots of New Years resolutions, translating into a lot of people vowing to lose weight over the next three hundred and sixty five days. But while each year, millions of people promise themselves that they are going to finally get themselves into shape, the sad truth is that the large majority of these people will fail. Many will give up right away. Others will try fad diets that may work for a short period of time but will ultimately give way to the pounds coming right back. 2012 was no exception to this trend.

new year 2012

Gyms will see surges in their membership numbers and diet programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig will see similar rises in their numbers. Below are the five biggest diet fads of the last year, as well as some information about whether or not they actually worked.

Here are the top 5 diet trends of 2012


While cleanses themselves are not a particularly new trend, 2012 saw more and more commercially marketed cleanses. These juice detox plans claim that if dieters replace their meals with smoothies of fruit and vegetable juices, toxins will be washed from the body and the dieter will lose weight. But these trends overlooked two important basics about the human body. For one, it has a built in detoxing system involving the liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract.

These will do a better job cleaning your body than any juice concoction. Second, the body is not designed to live on liquids. So if you try this method, you may lose some water weight, but these results are not long lasting. Even the best looking cleanses – e.g. the Blueprint Cleanse – are missing some essential nutrients. So skip the cleanse and try something with more proven results.


There was no shortage of cheerleaders for fiber in 2012. It has been touted as a cure-all for all sorts of health problems, as well as an essential part of a weight loss diet. And this is generally considered to be good science. Known to help your bowels stay regular and moving, fiber is found in a number of foods you probably already know are healthy: whole grains, yogurt, and fruit, are just a few.

Studies have linked eating two to three servings of fiber each day to a 30% reduction in risk of heart disease. Fiber also helps keep your hunger at bay, making it a big helper for any dieter looking to cut their calorie count. Aim for 25 grams of fiber ever day.

High fiber foods


The Raw Food Diet did not emerge for the first time in 2012, but it gained a lot of popularity. Once a fringe, unpopular diet plan, it somehow became more well known in 2012 and attracted a host of new followers. This diet claims that all non-plant foods are bad for you and that plants are at their healthiest when they are uncooked. While it is certainly a good idea to focus on eating plants, there is no reason to hide from cooking those plants. And eating some animal products is perfectly healthy.

So while dieters shouldn’t shy away from eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, a few eggs or other forms of low fat animal-based protein will round out a healthy weight loss diet.

rawfood diet pyramid


This was a winner of a diet trend this year: everyone from dietitians to politicians warned the public about the dangers of sugar this year. Refined sugars are the worst of the sweets, because the sugar has been stripped of the vitamins and minerals that composed it and all that is left is empty calories.

Refined sugars have been connected to obesity, depression, diabetes and heart disease. So stay away from soda, certain kinds of peanut butter, and even some canned vegetables.

avoid sugar


Carbohydrates have gotten a bad reputation, but despite what many celebrities say about avoiding them, the truth is our bodies need carbs. Not eating enough carbs can lead to everything from bad breath to dizziness to insomnia to nausea. Try to eat less processed carbs – brown rice instead of white rice, for example.

About the author: Steven Madison has written for the health industry for many years and has gained a wealth of knowledge over this time. When he’s not writing poignant articles, you can find him covering Anatomy Now’s services. See their anatomical models here .

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