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The first weigh in of the new year

Posted Jan 06 2011 11:06pm

This is a profile of my belly with all it's glorious layers. Ugh!

Oh, oh dear. On December 9th, 2010, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting weighing in at 302.4 pounds. One month and four missed meetings later, your heavyweight diva came in at 307.4 pounds. As I placed my scarf and coat back on at tonight’s meeting, the friendly little old lady that signed me in said in the gentlest voice, “Don’t worry dear, you’ll do better next week.”

Le sigh.

The New York Times reported a few years back that overweight people had a tendency to gain five to ten pounds over the holidays (those of healthier weights only end up with an extra pound of extra stuffing). So perhaps I can rest comfortably knowing that my new excess cushioning is the norm for a girl like me.

But I then I think about last year, when I started the season at 299 and rang in the year at 289. Don’t ask me how that 10 pound loss happened — I don’t know, it just did. Why couldn’t that have been the case this year?

Sure, I didn’t count my points plus, but last year I wasn’t even on the damn program. Perhaps I just got a little too relaxed with it all this year. I really don’t know, it really doesn’t matter. All that counts is that I now have extra weight to lose.

On a positive note, I sneaked in a weigh-in on my home scale on Saturday just to see what ugly number the new year would bring. This result seems a little more real to me than the WW numbers because I’ll do it first thing in the morning, stripped down to absolutely nothing. If I don’t like the digits presented, I’ll grab some coffee, do some jumping jacks, drop a deuce and weigh myself again (obviously, this is a dumb ritual, but we all have our absurd antics). On Saturday, Jan 1, I weighed in at 311.8. I thought my heart was going to stop from pure shock.

So I’m taking my 307.4 as a victory today. That’s four pounds less than Saturday — with clothes on and after a of work, breakfast, lunch and coffee. It’s the result of three days of working out and keen consumption concentration.

Going to give myself a gold star for the weight loss since Saturday. We have to find our little victories in everything (especially since another resolution of mine this year is to think positive)!

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