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The Expression of Divinity...Forgiveness

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:31pm
A few traits of divine living:

Random Acts of Kindness

These are but a few ideal characteristics of people we can admire and aspire to emulate.

Patience enables us to value the fleeting moments we have to simply be. Learning how to rest in the present moment without rushing ahead into the future at every turn. When you find your patience running thin, try to turn the waiting game into an opportunity of quiet reflection and just "be" in the present. Enjoy the reprieve from hustle and bustle.

Random Acts of Kindness:
This is the unexpected type of kindness without attachment to outcome or strings of benefit to oneself. This is helping someone with their bags who seems overloaded, holding the door, letting someone have your parking space, allowing someone to cut in line who seems in a hurry, giving a stranger your discount coupon, giving someone you don't know a lotto ticket, sharing a smile...small, seemingly insignificant acts of kindness that lifts another person up in spirit.

I just wrote a post about gratitude below. This is powerful stuff. Being thankful is one of the things you can do everyday that will greatly affect your life positively.

Forgetting comes with time...Forgiveness is divine. It is certainly easier said than done to forgive those who have hurt you. But, forgiving others is rewarding to the soul. I cannot tell you how many people and situations I have forgiven in my life...and, I have also been the recipient of forgiveness.

It is through letting go of the attachment to the pain of being hurt that you will find your best and truest expression of yourself evolve into a loving, slightly enlightened individual. Forgiving others is a highly valuable trait that will serve you well throughout your life. After practicing the art of forgiveness throughout your life it becomes second nature to forgive those who have hurt you. And, that, dear friend is very liberating.

Relinquishing grudges and resentments offers a life that is prime for you to be the star and achieve your wildest dreams. When you hold on to negative emotions and feelings (like the ones attached to the lack of forgiveness) you are no longer the star in your own life, you no longer have the clarity of the mind needed to live your best life, and you give away your personal power. Do not let that happen.

Every so often we should all relax and quiet the still and contemplate forgiveness. Think about the people and situations that make us feel hurt, angry, resentful...then let it go...truly forgive the bearer of those emotions. This will open you up and free the mind for grander things. Be your best self...harbor divine traits.

It is satisfying, rewarding, liberating...

Live Well. Live on Purpose. Live Your Dreams.
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