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The E-Book: A Simple Guide to Eating Well

Posted Jun 18 2010 7:50am

A Simple Guide to Eating Well

Years ago I embarked on a journey to health and fitness, It all started with an obsession with getting a perfect body. Ultimately though it left me in search of Health and Happiness. And gave me knowledge I would like to share…….

I wanted to look like what we see on the covers of Men’s Health. Little did I know I was in search of something elusive or temporary at best. I did achieve a “cover model” body at one point but only at the expense of my health and sanity, making me obsessive with food and trying to hyper vigilant and careful with my lifestyle to maintain this state that my body simply did not want to be at.

With time my perspective changed and I become more focused on health and well-being rather than being “ripped” or really really lean, I have found out it is only a few of us who can maintain this type of shape year around without negative health consequence. I myself have experimented with many diets most at the expense of my health:

  • Eat Less, Move More
  • Standard Food Pyramid Diet
  • Calorie Restriction
  • Paleo Diets
  • Low Carb
  • Bodybuilder style high protein low fat diets
  • Eating at regular intervals
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Raw Foods/High Fruit
  • Gluten and Dairy Free

This has been coupled with extensive reading on the subject of health and fitness in my own time, it is something I love to do and I often spend my free time in book shops browsing the health section. My main findings and realising how important what you eat can be came at a low point. When I started working full time and continued a regime of strict dieting and high intensity exercise all the time, not to mention the stress of life. This ultimately lead to severe burnout and several health problems which were contributed to by my diet at the time. This period showed me that “We cannot take more than we give” with anything in life especially our bodies.

I wrote “A simple guide to eating well” as I noticed there is so much information on the internet and in books. This can cause a real information overload, further confusing us on the topic of Health and Fitness. Ultimately we all want to be healthy, it is hard wired within us as an inherent desire. Sadly too many people get caught up with getting healthy and they forget to live or their new healthy lifestyle gets in the way of them living life. This e-book is a guide to becoming healthy and at peace with food, rather than a quick fix to weight loss. It is a simple and natural guide that can help you and people you want to share it with find health and freedom.

This book is for all the people who have struggled with their relationship with food, struggled with their weight, burnt themselves out with dieting or are just plain confused by nutritional advice these days. I believe that I have taken the best of what current information has to offer simplifying things and singling out the factors that are causing obesity and weight gain in todays society.

It is a guide to a path that seems to work. It has led me to living a much healthier happier life while allowing me to be full of energy and maintain a healthy lean body. Not to mention working wonders for people I have worked with. All this coming from a Personal Trainer who is currently training to become a Naturopath.

You Will Learn:

  • To Live Without Dieting
  • The Problem With Our Approach to Food
  • Distinguish between the food groups
  • Layout a perfect meal
  • About the two Health Killers
  • Tips on Healthy Eating Out
  • What to Drink
  • Tips on Snacking
  • Getting over negative relationships with food
  • Which supplement are worth your while
  • Organic Buying tips
  • How to Individualise your diet
  • Much much more…..

The Book contains over 40 pages and is nearly 15,000 words plus two Mindmaps. I tried to keep the layout relatively simple and in a format that you can print and pass on to friends and family. Click here for your FREE preview of the book .

How to Purchase?

Simply Click Below. I have started selling “A Simple Guide to Eating Well” at $10 with the price to rise after the first 100 purchases I feel this allows my loyal readers to get it at a cheaper price and is a price which is fair considering the time and effort that has gone into this e-book.

Cash Back Guarantee - I really hope you like the e-book but if you don’t please  Contact Me and I will issue a full refund.

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