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The drive to Hana and a last minute run

Posted Mar 09 2011 7:48pm

I’m back at home in Vancouver again, missing the warm weather and sunny beaches of Maui.  We had a fantastic trip with my whole family (Mom, Dad, seester, bro-in-law, niece and nephew) but travelling with little kids is definitely challenging!  The boys were pretty good on the whole, but Marcus was a bit out of sorts in a new place and it took him most of the trip before he started to enjoy the beach and the pool.  They were both great on the plane (phew!) and I guess what I’ve learned is that we’re just going to have to go back to Hawaii again soon so that Marcus can spend more time enjoying the beach!

I kind of kept up with my running while I was gone.  Here’s my scorecard:

  • Sunday’s scheduled 10km – DONE
  • Wednesday’s scheduled 6 hills – DONE
  • Thursday’s scheduled 6km – run on Monday instead
  • Sunday’s scheduled 11km – FAIL

By the time Saturday rolled around I just didn’t feel like running the 11km the following morning.  I know, that’s lame and if I didn’t run every time I didn’t feel like it then I’d never actually get out there.  But, I just didn’t have it in me.  I wanted to relax.  I wanted to enjoy my last couple days.  I wanted to do the drive to Hana with everyone on Sunday and we planned to leave at 7:30 and I didn’t feel like getting up even earlier!  I figured I could still get up on Monday and do it if I wanted to. 

So Sunday we went on our drive and saw some really cool things – like this secluded waterfall and pool…


The drive to Hana is somewhat legendary because of the very narrow and very twisty road but some of the sights were amazing.  There had been a rain storm earlier that day so all of the streams and waterfalls were gushing (although were pretty silty and brown). 


This is actually the bark of a Bagras tree (also called a Rainbow tree or a Painted Gum tree) and it was so cool because they were so colorful and pretty…


In the end we made it to Hana Bay where Marcus had fun playing on the beach with his Daddy…   IMG_0815 We could have gone further to see some really spectacular waterfalls but decided to turn around and head home to catch a final afternoon in the sun.

Monday morning (our last day in Hawaii) I got up and felt bad that I hadn’t completed my 11km run on Sunday.  I felt like I should get in one last run so I decided to do a quick 6km to make up for the run I had also skipped on Thursday.  I say ‘quick’ because it was shorter than it was supposed to be and not ‘quick’ in terms of speed.

Here’s the digits:

  • Total distance: 6.10 km
  • Total time:  44:13 (ouch!)
  • Average pace:  7:14 min/km

It wasn’t my fastest 6km but it was such a beautiful morning.  I forgot to grab my camera and I’m sad I did because I ran down to a beach access and the sun was just coming fully up when I got there and it was soooo pretty.  Despite the nice morning it was kind of a crappy run.  I just didn’t feel very strong.  In fact, I downright hurt.  I guess hydrating with alcohol all week finally caught up with me!

Anyhow, I was glad to get in one last run since running in Maui is so much better than running at home in the rain!  Now that I’m back though, I have more hills on the schedule tonight.  Great…

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