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The Diving Bird and The Flying Fish

Posted Jul 15 2010 7:08pm

There once was a bird
She had all she could want and 
Could never imagine wanting for more.
 The bird could dive deep into the depths of the lake 
But only for a moment.

She was happy in her air

There once was a fish
He, too, had all he wanted and
Could never imagine wanting for more.
The fish could sprout wings and breathe air, outside of the lake 
But only for a moment.

He was happy in his water

The diving bird and the flying fish met
And became friends

The bird loved hearing his stories.
Tales and legends of life under water
was nothing she ever thought of,
It was different
something she could
only experience in brief glimpses.

The fish listened to her stories of other lands
The stories were nothing like he imagined.
Plus she was free and could fly away anytime
Something he couldn't really do
If only for short intervals of time.

There once was a bird and a fish
And they fell in love.

Impossible you would think that
the two most unlikely creatures
could ever meet
Than ever fall in love.

Though the question that will always be asked..
Where will they live?

The answer is simple:

Who cares?

For they love each other,
And that is all that matters.

The title of this post, a fitting description of myself and my man, was taken from the book Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Artwork by Koshkio and can be found here . The poem was paraphrased from another poem by issues09 and can be found here . Emphasis is mine.
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