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The Different Types Of Gym Selfies

Posted Mar 13 2014 2:56pm

The Different Types Of Gym Selfies

Selfies are oh-so-hot right now.   They are taking over social media everywhere we look.  The point of a posting a selfie online is to tell the world that you did something.  When most people go to the gym, they want to scream it from the rooftops so all their friends think they live a super fit and healthy life.    It’s true what they say, right?

"If I don't post a selfie at the gym, it will be a waste of time since no one knows I went."...
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Gym Selfie:  A gym selfie is a picture taken of yourself before, after or during your workout. 

I’d like to explain to you the most popular types of gym selfies these days.  Let’s take a look at The Different Types Of Gym Selfies…

The Acceptable Gym Selfie #GymSelfie

In my opinion, selfies like this are acceptable.  Selfies can be great for progress pictures and to hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals.  This is what a respectable gym selfie should look like.  She obviously just got done working out, isn’t flaunting her lady parts and dressed appropriately.  Selfie well done,  girl!


Now…I wish I could say the same for the rest of them…

The “My boyfriend is going to act like he’s not watching selfie” #TooCoolBoyfriend

The couple that goes to the gym together and takes a selfie in the mirror together…this one is for you.  Why does the boyfriend always have to act like he’s not aware he’s in the picture?  The too cool boyfriend….maybe you should stop acting too cool and actually grab some heavy weights for once.


The “I hope no one is looking” Selfie #SneakySelfie

This is the selfie that I will admit to taking the most.  I’m guilty.  99% of the time I try to hide the fact that I’m taking a picture of myself.   We all try to be sneaky for some reason.  I guess it’s because no one wants to be THAT girl or guy (that you’ll see in the other pics).  Don’t you love when you catch someone else taking a selfie at the gym?  I find it hilarious to walk into the locker room quietly to catch people “selfie-ing”.  Can that be a word now?  I say so. We are all embarrassed of the selfie but we just can’t frikin’ stop.



The Duck Face #Duckface

This weird face has become strangely popular in the past year.  “Maybe if I stick my lips out like a duck, my face will look thinner.”


The Man Thigh #ManThigh

No one wants to see a dude in his undies flexing.  Period.  It’s just not attractive..especially when they raise up their boxers to show their big hairy thigh that hasn’t seen sunlight in decades.  STOP. THIS. NONSENSE. IMMEDIATELY.  Man thighs are just not a good look on you.



The Attention Seeker Gym Selfie #GymBunny

Everyone knows the selfies of the girl who got all dolled up to go to the gym.  She cakes on her makeup, puts on her cutest clothes and heads to the gym.  She spends half of her time in the aerobics room that’s surrounded by mirrors and perfect selfie lighting.  She will lay on the floor to catch a good cleavage shot and attempt to look like she’s actually at the gym to workout.  The #GymBunny girl knows all the best spots in the gym for selfies with the best lighting.



The Sweater #Shweaty

This selfie-er is the opposite of the #GymBunny.  They are proud of their sweat, rock their Swass (sweaty ass” and could care less how disgusting they look.  Some of these pictures should never be shared.


Remember ladies…. #SwassyIsn’tClassy


One acceptable #Shweaty selfie would be this guy.  Now this sweat mark is simply amazing.  I think your body is trying to tell you you’re a dick for the workout you put it through.


Booty Popper #TheArch

Every girl knows the secret to making your booty look good is by creating a large arch in your lower back.  These girls have perfected #TheArch.



The Dirty Mirror Selfie

Good Lord people…if you take a selfie..make sure the mirror is clean.  If it’s not, don’t post a damn picture.  Enough said.



The Lizard #GunsOutTonguesOut

Guns Out – Tongues Out with this one!  This one is most popular with the dudes however ladies will throw in a lizard pose once in a while.

I actually don’t care what this guy does..he’s cool in my book with that Fresh Prince Of Bel-air shirt.  #winning




The Double #TwoIsBetterThanOne

This is for the selfie-ers who take a picture and then use 94 apps on their phone to make it look cooler.  “If one selfie of me in the gym got 10 likes, why not make it a mirror image and shoot for 20 likes!!!”.

Two is always better than one, right?



The Peace Shot

Because Peace signs are still cool in 2014…


The Competitor #PosingInStripperHeels


The Pass Through #YoureNotHereToWorkOut

This is for the people who post a picture in the gym but have no intention of working out….ever. They are just catching some gym selfie cred while they can.  You know that these people just happened to walk through a gym then….BOOM!  IT’S SELFIE TIME!!!


The Prepared Selfie-er #TwoCamerasAreBetterThanOne

Hey…this one came prepared.  She isn’t messing around.  She made sure to bring two pink iPhones to make sure she got that perfect gym selfie shot.  Gotta do what ya gotta do!


What do you think of Gym Selfies?  What’s your favorite or least favorite pose?

Leave a comment in the comments section below!

The Different Types Of Gym Selfies

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