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The Dieting Roller Coaster. Ready to make an exit?

Posted Sep 28 2010 7:39am

The Dieting Roller Coaster. Ready to make an exit?


Roller coasters are supposed to be fun, invigorating and thrilling. But the dieting roller coaster, is anything but those descriptors. Instead it refers to the constant ups and downs we endure. The biggest problem with roller coaster rides, is that they usually end at one of the lowest points. This is especially true for the dieting roller coaster.

I was inspired to write this article, after I made a post on facebook that I wanted to share with my friends there. The post was short and intended to offer some inspiration. I am pleased to know the post resulted in “speaking” to some, who read it. The post I made was: “The journey we are on is not about diet and exercise. It is about embracing a lifestyle change that is healthy, active and enjoyable. Once we lose the dieters mentality, it all becomes so much easier!”

One person in particular who read it replied with the following message: “Your words seem to put it into perspective for me. I still have the dieting mentality and it didn’t work for much of my adult life.  Healthy, active, enjoyable is what I am going to think about embracing.  Think I will put those words on a card on my desk.  Hope you are well, Patrece!”It truly touched me to get this reply. So much so, that I felt compelled to share it with as many as I can, and to take a deeper look at this subject.

As stated by the reader in the above quote, the dieters mentality just doesn’t work for most of us. Yet we return to it again and again, or never let go of it at all. Usually it results in taking us on a disastrous physical, mental and emotional ride, from which we end up beating ourselves up, feeling like we have failed, and just wanting to give up altogether. Whats comes after all of this? More self sabotage, as we try to find comfort in food, once again. How many times have you ridden this roller coaster? Myself, personally? I’ve lost count! What I can tell you is by the time I decided to try a new approach, I was pushing 300 LBS!

Today, with the help of my surgeical tool (Gastric bypass), and a lot of work in the mindset area, I am at a healthy BMI. I weigh in at 150lbs. I wear a size 8 pant and a medium top. I can RUN and play with my grandchildren, and my health issues have vanished. Although I am quite a ways out from my surgery, I still find myself slowly losing a pound here and a few ounces there. The important thing to realize here is that I am not crediting only my surgical tool for this accomplishment. The weight loss and maintenance I now experience, comes from my personal dedication to the outcome I desire.

While my weight loss surgery is a vital key in my health and weight transformation, I never lose sight of the fact that it is only a tool. Not a long term solution and not a magical quick fix. With keeping this fact clearly in mind, I know that unless I do the other required work to achieve the long term success I want, need and deserve…I will not maintain my success. For me this is NOT an option.

Much of the “required work” I am referring to takes place on a mental and emotional level. Sure, there are some physical efforts that have a place here too, but by doing the “internal work” the physical activity and exercise begins to be a part of the natural flow of things.

No more dieters mindset. No more roller coaster rides, unless of course it takes place at a amusement park. I am not on a diet or weight loss program. I am on a life long journey. I am living my life! I am living my life in a way that allows me to be healthy, active and to truly enjoy the process. I do not view this as a restriction, or as deprivation. I view this as true freedom from my “fat girl” mentality that used to dictate and destroy my life and my health.

You may be thinking “this all sounds great…but…” (fill in the blank with your own “but”, I am sure this will be a bit different for each person reading this article). Your first step in busting through this dieters mindset begins now. Are you ready to make an exit from this roller coaster ride? Of course you are. Who wants to struggle every day of their life with this? No one! Who wants to continue to engage in the battle of the “food tude”? Not you, I am willing to bet!

So, here is that first step I referred to.

  • Write down what your initial response was to “this all sounds great…but…”. Clearly identify what your “but” is. Then add any other “buts” that come to mind. This will provide you with some insight in identifying some of your roadblocks to breaking free from the dieters mentality.
  • Once you have completed the above, honestly consider the responses you came up with. Can you identify any that may seem to be more of an excuse than a reason, for not being able to embrace this change in perspective or “food tude”?
  • Come up with some ideas that may help you in breaking through these barriers to embracing this as a lifestyle rather than a “diet and weight loss program”.
  • Then begin to put these ideas in to place. Even if you pick only one to focus on. Every step you make, even small ones, in a positive direction, can only result in a positive outcome.
  • Come back here and post your thoughts, discoveries, challenges, wins, etc and share them with myself, and other readers. By doing so, you can not only help others, but you may receive some excellent feedback that you will find very empowering and encouraging to you, as you work to make these postive mindset changes. (There is a place at the end of this article, where you can share your thoughts with others and myself).

Learning to embrace this all as a journey in a healthy, active and enjoyable new lifestyle, can take some time. It will take some effort, but eventually it will become a wonderful new lifestyle and come to you naturally. Once you break through the old and counterproductive dieters mindset, you will feel a sense of freedom, unlike any you have ever experienced in your quest for a healthy weight and body.

If you would like some very empowering help along the way, I encourage you to check out the different programs I offer. You will find these to be extremely beneficial to you in accomplishing all you desire, in a way that works for YOU as an individual. You can find out about these programs and see all that is included here…

Here’s to your success!

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