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The Dell PA-3E Adapter Details You Should Know

Posted Jul 10 2013 8:43am

Dell has recently launched its  Dell PA-3E adapter  for its laptops and notebooks. Dell is one of the most popular laptop distributors for both personal as well as commercial use. Dell is considered to be in the Top 3 computer and laptop manufacturers currently in the world right behind HP and Lenovo. Dell has been working to create an adapter that works well for production as well one that is very user friendly and small in size.


Extra Slim Features of the Dell Adapter

The Dell PA-3E charger was created to bridge the gap of production and usability, thus entered the "Extra Slim" feature of this adapter. When Dell first started production on the charger they wanted to offer a product that was easy to store, easy to pick up, wasn't too heavy, however they wanted to ensure that the productivity of the charger wouldn't be compromised either.


The  Dell laptop battery  specifications are really impressive. The block (or the main charging unit) is only 2.8 inches wide x 5.8 inches long and is only .6 inches (or a half inch) thick. Those specifications are amazing and are one of the only Extra Slim adapters like this in existence.


Plenty of Power despite its Small Size

Even though this Dell Adapter may be small the company has ensured that it can meet the overwhelming performance requirements set by these adapters. The standard adapter comes with a total of 90 volts (input Power), 20 volts (output power), and is able to produce 90 (continues) watts of electricity to the laptop battery when plugged in.


Rapid Charge and Recovery Time for the Battery

The standard laptop battery takes between 3 - 5 hours to fully charge with their standard power adapter, but not with the  PA-3E charger. Several tests have been conducted with this high power battery and it has been shown that this power adapter can fully charge (100% dead) a battery in around 2 - 3 hours.


These quick charge times are great news for laptop users who are on the go all the time, or anyone who uses their laptop a lot. One of the major problems that laptops run into is overheating simply because their design. It has been shown that a laptop generates more heat when it is directly plugged into the adapter than when it is using a battery for its power source. So being able to charge your battery quicker will give you better overall performance for your laptop.


Universal Adapter = WideRange of Availability

Another great thing about this  Dell Adapter  is they have begun to use it on a lot of their laptop models; for the most part all of their newer models use this specific adapter. Computers and laptops are pretty much outdated within 1 - 2 weeks from the time your purchase them, this can cause headaches when it comes to trying to find parts for them in the future if you should have to. Since this adapter is being used on all of Dells newer models you can rest assured that this adapter will be widely available for a long time to come.


Just like with any purchase you do, rather it is a computer, a car, or a home you need to do your research and see how difficult parts and things will be in the future if you should ever require them. The Dell PA-3E adapter surely makes purchasing a Dell laptop a top choice.


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