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The Day I Avoided Water And Enjoyed Life

Posted Apr 01 2012 12:11pm

I did it. I saw the movie. THE movie..The Hunger Games. To prepare for three hours in a movie theater, I drank minimal amounts of water throughout the morning. There was no way I was going to miss Katniss tromping through the woods for a pee pee party. I did however bring plenty of snacks in case the images of starving children made me hungry. I packed up two bags of Enjoy Life foods “not nuts” mixes, an apple, and an orange. Sure enough the moment I saw Rue chompin on groosling I busted out my apple.

Upon arrival, this is what I was presented with at the theater.

Yes, I am aware that I live in a town that is stuck in the 80′s when it comes to their seating arrangements. These seats are probably covered in E. coli, and lard from popcorn butter. Anyway, the point being..NO seat was off limits. I smacked my fine fanny right in the middle.

The movie was good, the book was better. No surprise there. Now I need the second book. The End.

I did get down on some trail mix after the movie due to immense starvation.

Beach Bash- sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, dried pineapple, apricots and cranberries

Beach bash is right..this was DELICIOUS! The pineapple chunks were HUGE (as you can see in the photo.) The flavor was great, the texture was great. I loved this mix.

Mountain Mambo- sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips, and cranberries

I mambo’ed those chocolate chips all into my mouth. The apple chunks were just as large (and good) as the pineapple in the previous mix.

Overall: BOTH of these were stellar. The sweet/savory combination was PERFECT! Between my Manfriend and I, we ate half of each bag in less that 3 minutes…oops. I really need to work for the Enjoy Life company, because what could beat getting paid to eat allergy friendly foods all day? In case you’ve missed my other Enjoy Life posts you can click here and here . This company rocks my world, and so does Alina for sending me these goodies!

“The squirrels are going to be mad at me for eating all their food”-Manfriends reply to not nut mix euphoria.

Q: Did you see The Hunger Games? If yes, how did you like it?

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