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The Dark Chocolate Scale – learning how to enjoy dark chocolate

Posted Mar 27 2013 5:50pm

Ah chocolate, my old love, my secret wish, my happy-making friend. We’re old mates from way back chocolate and I and while we don’t meet quite as often any more, I still indulge occasionally. The infrequent nature of our meetings has led me to seek a better quality, more interesting version upon which to munch. Also, the limited amount of sugar in my diet these days means that I find the milk stuff a bit too sweet and am delving deeper into the wonderful world of dark chocolate.

Luvju Chocolate

So I thought I’d share some of my faves. I think you’ll find this list is not only good for Easter, but also great for a treat when needed. I’ve arranged my list in order from mildest and most like milk chocolate, right down to the hardcore dark stuff.

  1. Club Original – at 45% Cocoa this is a pretty lightweight dark choc but it is a good transition block if you’re new to the world of dark. Beware, sugar is listed higher than Cocoa on the ingredients list, bit of a giveaway.
  2. Haigh’s – Dark frogs… need I say more?
  3. Pana Raw Cacao Chocolate – soft, silky with a subtle coconutty flavour and sweetened with Agave so not really bitter at all. 60% Cacao. They’re doing Easter packs too. Bonus!
  4. Loving Earth’s Luvju Raw Chocolate Bars – at 71% Cacao these are a much stronger flavour than any of the previous choccies and come in super cute packaging.
  5. Green & Black’s Dark 85% – This is where the going gets a little drier and a developed palette is required to appreciate the joy that is a full on dark choc.
  6. Cacao Nibs – as far as you can go on the dark chocolate scene. For the hardest core. They’re not even chocolate actually, but the original source chocolate is made from. Loving Earth do a nice organic pack.

And finally, there’s one golden rule – if you feel the urge to scoff a whole lot of dark chocolate in one go, then what you’re eating isn’t dark enough.

Any great ones I’ve missed? All suggestions welcome.

Happy Easter everybody!

K xx

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