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The Dangers of Snoring and How to Stop It

Posted Mar 27 2010 5:03pm

Most of the people are worried about snoring as they cause disturbance to others, while others won’t even give importance to snoring as they don’t have awareness about it. They don’t understand the dangers that are associated with this disorder. Chronic snoring will affect you emotionally and physically. The dangers of snoring may sometimes go unrecognized until it becomes severe. Let us discuss the dangers of snoring and the effective ways to stop it.

If you are a person suffering with snoring for quite sometime, there is a higher chance for becoming a victim of high blood pressure, heart attack and obesity. Everyone knows oxygen is the basic need for one’s well being. Did you know, while snoring, the brain won’t receive sufficient amount of oxygen? Due to insufficient oxygen to the brain while sleeping, heart attacks and strokes are possible consequences. Recent researches have shown that snoring may even lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Also, when you snore, you won’t have restful sleep. This will have an adverse effect on your relationship with others. If you do not have adequate sleep, you will become ill often. All of your daily activities like working, driving, etc., will be affected by insufficient sleep. Recent statistics have shown that people who snore are more likely to meet with car accident and also get tired soon. Snoring also results in loss of memory and concentration, anxiety, etc.

Now let us discuss some simple ways to stop snoring.

Do some easy exercises that open up your throat. They will help in removing one of the most usual blocks that cause snoring. Just close your mouth and act like you are chewing a bubble gum. Continue doing this for a minute. While doing this exercise you have to confirm that your molars on either side move apart slightly and then lightly touch again. Throughout this exercise your lips should be closed. This exercise aids to stop snoring as it handles the block in your airway which is the primary source of the problem.

There are a few other ways to stop snoring as well. Reducing your weight is most important step to stop snoring. The fatty tissue at the back of your throat will be reduced by losing your weight, thus will decrease snoring. While sleeping elevate the head of your bed by 4 inches, which makes breathing easier. Also it encourages your tongue and jaws to move forward. To avoid crimping of your neck muscles, sleep without a pillow. Some medicines and alcohol will cause the dilation of your throat and tongue muscles, which will increase snoring. Soya milk products, high fat milk products, tranquilizers, sleeping pills will relax your throat muscles and increase the chance of snoring. So, before going to bed, avoid such foods and medicines if possible. Also regular cleaning of nasal passages is highly advisable for your well being, as well as to reduce snoring.

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