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The Danch Wedding: getting ready and getting married!

Posted May 18 2011 5:32pm

I last left you with a sleepless night spent at the bride’s house the night before the wedding.  The next morning we woke up bright and early at 7:30 AM to start preparations.

Business man Barbie doll  – nice cardigan! I won’t be tardy with my cardy!

Now, I always have to laugh, as there never fails to be someone at the wedding reception that says “did you girls have fun relaxing before the wedding?”  Or something along those lines.

Let me tell you, it is a process to get ready for a wedding, whether it’s your own or you’re in the bridal party.  I went absolutely stir crazy at my own wedding with all the waiting we had to do.  Especially because I couldn’t really move in fear of spilling something all over myself or messing up my hair or makeup.  On the other hand, it is SO fun to hang around with your best friends all day long.  I’ll take it.  As a bridesmaid, not a bride, don’t worry BMB.

The bridal party started the day at 9 AM with hair and makeup at Avalanche Spa.


This was also when the first bottle of champagne was popped.

Besides the champagne we had fruit, bagels, and cream cheese to snack on. This was my first time trying Vegan cream cheese and I couldn’t even tell the difference!  I will be purchasing this in the near future.

The bridal party all got their hair did.

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But the main attraction was Miss Jenny. 


It always feels “real” once they put that veil on.


Avalanche had a pretty sweet room we could all hang out in while we waited for everyone to be finished.


If you couldn’t tell, Allison was modeling her peacock feather, hence the awkward pose.


Finally we were all gussied up.

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We headed over to Jenny’s parents house to finish our preparations.

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Hi Norton! Good doggie!

We all put on our beautiful navy bridesmaids dresses and Allison helped Jenny put on her wedding dress!  This is always an emotional moment, but everyone held it together pretty well.  

After some pictures of just the girls in the yard our posh ride pulled up and we were off to the church!

By this point everyone was just anxious to get down that aisle.  The bride for the obvious reason, to get married, and the bridesmaids to stop thinking about going too fast or tripping down the aisle.

When it was my turn I took off at a record speed but put on the brakes and made it down the aisle successfully.

The ceremony was beautiful , a tear jerker, and speedy.  Before we knew it they were presenting Mr. and Mrs. Danch for the first time!

After some pictures in the church we were back on the bus to pop bubbly and head to the reception!

There’s an unwritten rule that you can’t turn down a humongous glass of champagne poured by the groom.

This is the awesome part, when everyone is just so happy and all the nerves and anxiety are gone… time to celebrate!! …in the next post!

p.s. I am extremely lacking in ceremony pictures but will edit once I get my hands on some!

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