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The Daily Love

Posted Jun 25 2013 7:42am

“It is well known in wisdom communities that delays are not denials. Remember this at all times. Keep focused on what you can do in the moment and if there is nothing to be done- you are being taught patience. Apply yourself everyday towards your deepest desire- work hard, then let go. This is how mastery is attained.” Jackson Kiddard.
I came across this quote after following a link in an email newsletter from a favorite yoga teacher to another link and then finally to the blog  The Daily Love.  When reading it, I had one of those moments when my jaw lowered a little and I thought, yeah, yeah! I get it. So right on! My mind whirred with thought and like a good self-help addict I wanted more.

Without really reading the accompanying article I subscribed to The Daily Love and nearly every day a jaw dropping inspiration was streamed into my inbox. I quickly found that a daily dose of love does mind-body-heart good. 

The above quote stopped me from scrolling down any further, getting me good and deep into contemplation. 
I’d read countless books by self-help gurus only to discover that Jackson Kiddard didn’t have any. Upon further research I learned he’d long left this earth. Head hung low, I realized I wouldn’t be listening in on any live calls, attending workshops, or reading his insightful blogs and tweets. Poor-sad self-help junky.

The following day another Daily Love arrived in my inbox and I scrolled down past the quotes. What I discovered was a veritable disciple of Jackson Kiddard in the form of Mastin Kipp. Only it seemed Mastin hasn’t yet jumped all the hurdles on his journey and is okay with that. He isn’t reporting on what worked to help him heal after the fact, well maybe a little bit, but mostly he is still “in it" and offering his triumphs and challenges to readers in real time. Mastin doesn’t have it all figured out as I’d unreasonably assumed all the members of the self-help community had. He is still in the trenches, but he’s also gleaned some wisdom and is applying it to his life. His honesty and transparency allows readers to witness how it is working. The Daily Love has became my morning cuppa coffee.

After a time of reading, digesting, practicing, and aligning a whole new spin has been put on my own journey. My perspective shifted from the lowly position of she-who-sought-help from figures I’d unfairly placed at a guru-like status, to an empowered, I’m-in-charge-of-my-life jedi master. Well not quite, but close. I've embraced it's a- me and me alone who can place one foot in front of the other on my path kind of empowered attitude.

This change has been assisted in part by Mastin’s candor. He isn’t afraid to admit he doesn’t have all the answers, and in some areas of his life is still very much in the refining process. But he's willing to share what he’s learned, what's worked, what doesn't, along with stories, advice, and inspiration from a whole slew of other amazing contributors. Much like Mastin they are, “on the level.” 

The Daily Love has also assisted me in moving from a victim mentality to one of looking at my life with curiosity and asking, “Okay, so what’s next?” What do I do with all the thought space that has been occupied by dwelling on resentment over the past, rehashing the past, and all the feelings associated with the past.

Along with hundreds of thousands of readers I’d discovered my purpose, how to act with integrity, and how to call myself out on my own misconceptions. I had a day filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns. I thought for sure I’d healed, completely and forever. Everything was perfect. Only I realized that it was just a day and it reminded of the nature of patience. I learned this thing called life is a process. I'd have days filled with sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns,  just not every single day. 

I've had to work hard at finding a place of balance and self-understanding. I've had to excavate to find the treasures within and anyone who’s ever encountered an excavation site knows that the work is difficult and at times delicate, dirty even. And the thing that needed to happen after that is surrender. Not the arms up in the air kind, though that might be a way to embody it, but to let go of the outcome, to know in the moment I am doing what I can, being who I am, and the rest is out of my hands.

Thank you  KathrynBudig  for round-about introducing me to Jackson Kiddard who accidentally or perhaps quite intentionally brought me to  Mastin Kipp  who held my hand virtually through the written word until I found myself, then let go.

Are there any newsletters, advice columns, self-help rock stars who help you get through the day? Please share. 

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