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The D Word

Posted Jan 08 2010 8:15am

diet (dīət)


  1. what a person or animal usually eats and drinks; daily fare
  2. a special or limited selection of food and drink, chosen or prescribed to promote health or a gain or loss of weight

intransitive verb, transitive verb

to eat or cause to eat special or limited food, esp. for losing weight

[via here].

When you say the word “diet” which definition do you refer to?  I would say in most cases, we are talking about a temporary plan of eating that will help us lose weight.  This idea of a “diet” implies something short term and not permanent.  A lot of times it’s drastic.  Probabiility of failure = high. 

Right this instant, millions of people are on “diets.”  My guess would be most of these people have resolved to lose weight and go on a diet many Januarys previous to this one. 

Instead of focusing on a “diet” that may or may not be a healthy one, make small, quantifiable goals that can show you progress.  Maybe something like “Eat 3 fruits and vegetables every day this week instead of the normal 0 or 1,” or “This week I will only drink 2 cans of soda instead of my regular 6.” 

Each person is different and each goal should be tailored to fit your lifestyle.  Record how you do each day.  Be accountable.  And, again, drastic changes and trying to change everything all at once should not be the plan. 

Small steps and small, consistent changes will lead to better health habits.  The probability of success will be much higher than going on a crash diet that may make your situation worse and more frustrating and/or discouraging. 

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