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The curse ain't so bad after all...

Posted Feb 26 2013 2:12am
I hope I'm not jinxing myself by using that as the title of this post but I think it's safe to say that the 26km curse may not be as bad as I first thought.  I still think I'm cursed and destined to get hurt every time I run a 26km training run but thankfully my most recent injury is doing okay.

Who knew that a day spent walking around the Vancouver Home and Garden Show followed by a post-home-show Bellini and then a night out on high heels was the answer to a suspected calve over-extension?
Maybe this big slice of peach had magical
calve-restorative qualities?
Or maybe traipsing around the Vancouver Convention
Centre on heels does a calve good?
Or maybe, it was actually walking around the Vancouver Aquarium on Sunday afternoon that got the healing juices flowing in my legs...

The little big guy and Daddy looking up at
the Aquarium's stingrays....
Either way, I just know the delicious gourmet fries I had at the Spud Shack Fry Co. for lunch today was the final bit of recovery my poor little calve needed...

I cannot adequately describe to you just how
wonderfully delicious these fries were...
Because tonight it's actually feeling pretty darn good.  My plan was to let it rest just one more day instead of running tomorrow as planned.  However, tonight I ran across the parking lot at the movie theatre (brr, it was cold outside and my car was parked far away!) and I didn't feel even a tiny bit of discomfort in my calve during my little sprint.  Now I know running across a parking lot is nothing at all like a tempo run or speed training or even a 3km easy run, but I take it as a good sign that things felt totally normal.  I think I'll try just a short, easy treadmill run tomorrow to make sure all is good before getting back to my actual training schedule on Wednesday.

i'm actually hoping that the Husband's work schedule will allow me to get out to Run Club on Wednesday night for the continuation of hill training.  Although killer at the time, I can definitely appreciate the value of hill training and hope to do more of it for my BMO Vancouver Marathon training.  I also have something else coming up that I'm just putting the finishing touches on and some extra hill training will definitely help me out for it!
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