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The crud cometh, and my immune balance helped the crud goeth.

Posted Jan 07 2010 11:16am

A couple nights ago, I woke up at 2:00 a.m. with my eyes sealed shut. Sealed shut with gunk. I can’t remme-102ember when that had happened to me, if ever. It had come several days after returning from a trip to Florida, on a bus, with high school marching band students. (see earlier post). So I wasn’t all that surprised that I might get stuck with some nasty stuff. As the eye condition continued, I also got the bronchial junk going, the sinus stuff kicking in. Normally, in years past, I would have settled down for 10 days or longer of enduring this stuff, and probably gone to the doc after a week of suffering, knowing I couldn’t kick it by myself without getting the coveted Z-pack antibiotic. At the same time, my teenage daughters both would have also come down with the same thing, and been out of school for 2-4 days each.

Now, the immune balance supplementation science seems to be bearing itself out with respect to my experience. If immune balance doesn’t help ward off seasonal cold and influenza, it may help reduce length and severity of symptoms. The eyes are 90% cleared up after 24 hours. The bronchial crud made a very visible appearance, but has since receded in the past 36 hours. A mild cough did not balloon into a incessant hack and is not next to non-existent. I have not spent 5 minutes at the toilet coughing up gunk each morning and night. I’m sure sipping a couple of pear martinis at the neighbors’ house when this was starting didn’t help things, but I’m sure it wasn’t a game changer either way.

As for my daughters, one half-day at home for one of them has been it. The other is symptom-free so far. And throughout it all, no fever for anyone.  All in all, I’ll take this scenario any day.

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