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The Cleaning Resolution All Year Long

Posted Dec 10 2010 6:50am

< p>When we really think about it we can change our intentions, our goals, and our focus any time we want. Thus, we can really make sound and solid resolutions at any time we choose. If we see something in our lifestyle or our habits that are not working for us it’s pretty easy to set the intention to change it. Often when we operate in this manner we are able to operate in a more genuine manner.<br /><br />Most of us are pretty busy and we have yet to really keep all of our focus in place. The most obvious places our busy lifestyles lead us include home care and personal care. Home care is essentially difficult for those who are always charging around and running on high powered energy. Yet, we all know that when we look around and dislike what we see it’s time for a set intention of change.<br /><br />It doesn’t matter if the <a href=’’>Hoover Windtunnel bagged</a> vacuum hasn’t made it upstairs in two weeks. What matters is that it is making upstairs today and that there is a raised level of consciousness to help improve the odds of it being back up there again. Hopefully, it won’t be another two weeks.<br /><br />Don’t forget that you have more options than perhaps you are aware of. You can just as easily get the kids or significant other to become more familiar with the <a href=’’>Dyson All Floors</a> to take care of the downstairs floors while you’re busy upstairs. You can make resolutions a family affair.<br /><br />Things will not always go as planned and you might not meet your resolution goals all the time. When things go awry, like finding that your child has stomped through your recent cleaning efforts with his mud soaked <a href=’’>brown boots</a>, you can either get angry or take action. Is he capable of cleaning it up? Then maybe he should.<br /><br />Being able to make daily choices about how much follow through you’re going to give your resolutions makes it easier to continuously follow through with them. Choices are about figuring out where to lay your focus and priorities. With each step and intentional decision you do not have to carry guilt about those days when the carpets and floors remain neglected. This is because you simply have the power to choose to make it more of a priority the following day.<br /><br />This very simple lesson can apply to any stage of your life and any aspect of your life. So often we choose to get emotionally bound up instead of recognizing the ease of making simple changes that solve the problems.

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