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The Christmas Happy Bug {It’s Contagious}

Posted Dec 26 2012 12:22am

I’m feeling overwhelmingly blessed.  By family.  By God.  By life in general.

I will save the holiday FOOD for another post for several reasons.  First, it totally deserves a post all its own.  Second, I ate my weight in delicious noms and if I post about it now, I’ll probably head to the pantry and keep eating.  Third, I want to touch on the happy in my soul.  So let’s get this party started.

Tis the Season to be HAPPY.

Life is not about making others happy, life is about sharing your happiness with the others.

I am a strong advocate for discovering your happiness (as you know).  In my journey, I have found that the true essence of it all comes down to sharing the happy.  Yes, I am making “happy” a noun–as if it’s an object that you can literally pass from one person to another (like chocolate… yum-to-the-o).  I have touched on this topic many of times in my blog, but so much of it has been focused on myself.  Shame on me.

I can honestly say I am reaching a point of contentment within myself that I am innately happy.

And that is not a statement or thought I take lightly.  It’s been a long time coming and a journey all its own. I have a long way to go, but the lessons I am learning along the way are shaping and molding the woman I am becoming.  

Here recently, I have had many of people comment on my optimism and joy.  Every time somebody tells me that MY positivity inspires and empowers them, this makes my soul dance.  How beautiful is it that through demonstrating your OWN happiness, you can spread the joy to others?  I think it’s absolutely magical. With one life to live, blessings on blessings on blessings, and chocolate in existence; life is quite the journey.

I have always loved writing.  And more recently, I love blogging.  I truly think I have found my niche with the written word.  My blogging style (and social media style) is rather “over-the-top” to some, but I am really just demonstrating the joy in my soul through the text on the page.  You can’t deny happy.

I’m here to infect you with the happy bug.

When you are happy and you exhibit this through your words and actions, you can truly impact those around you.  It’s contagious.  Really, I swear (okay, momma says a lady never swears, so I promise.. strongly).  The smallest of gestures, the smile to a stranger, the words of encouragement, the pat on the back–it all matters.  It makes the world go round.

It is not just about what you do for others, but how you portray yourself and your circumstances.  Be happy in your skin and through your love of life, you INFECT others with the happy bug.  I like this bug.  A lot.  {Insert evil laugh}

And do you want to know what I am all about these days? SPREADING THE LOVE.  AND SPREADING THE HAPPY.

Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living! – Amanda Bradley

What fun is all the bubbly-wubblys if you can’t share it with others?!

Yes, that was a serious question.

The holiday season is a time to be about your happiness, spread the joy, and LIVE AND LET LIVE.

I hope that you are feeling blessed, loved, and happy.  I hope that your day was full of amazing company, delicious noms, and the joy of being content in the moment.  I wish you the best of everything and I count my blessings that I can share my life with you.  Because you are fabulous.

There are enough DEBBIE downers in the world; I’m going for positive POLLY.  Who’s with me? ;-)

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