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The Cheapest Bananas Ever

Posted Feb 19 2013 8:15pm

All plans of blogging went to crap yesterday when The Bachelor came on. I must say, this is the first season I actually watched it religiously and I now know why you crazy people are obsessed. I also cant believe how much I actually liked Tierra on the first episode. What a train wreck.

Since there is a special on tonight at 9pm where Sean talks behind the scenes, I figured I’d better get everything out of the way before then.

Anyway, let’s recap my morning.



That about says it.

After a few strength circuits, we moved on to tabata style intervals. We did the following 5 exercises 8 times with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off:

  • ceiling jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • lateral speed steps
  • burpees
  • sprints

Phew! I was a little nauseous at the end.



Green protein smoothie, the usual. Though I added some frozen coconut milk, the real stuff, from the can! It made it extra creamy.


Work flew by today. We have a trade show coming up in March and I have a ton of work on my plate. One thing I don’t forget to do is eat! I keep snacks handy all day and I eat a big lunch. I know that I need this to keep me going, especially on high calorie burn mornings.

I tried out one of the new Artisana packets on a rice cracker today. I really like it – the goji and milk thistle in it made it kind of sweet without having any funky additives. The pack was only 58 calories, too.


I did manage to run out on break to Target though. I needed bananas, can’t run out of those. Note to self: bananas at Target are cheaper than Trader Joe’s. Holy crap; 14 cents per banana? Knocked my socks off.



I made a quick sauce and boiled the remainder of the black bean noodles I had in my cabinet and combined it with baby kale greens for a protein packed meal. Seriously, the stats on the black bean noodles are insane, 20g protein per serving! I kept the grated cheese shaker nearby to cover it every time I ate the top layer with cheese. I know I’m not the only one who does this!


Alright, I need to grab my seat on the couch and possibly make a little something sweet. I’ll probably be Bachelor tweeting if you’re on!

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