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The Boot Camp Diaries: DEMO Day

Posted Jun 02 2012 2:06pm
If boot camp is starting, it must be warm out! I for one am excited, because its really nice to spend time outdoors. Class is at 6:30 PM Mon, Wed & Fri so it’s not too hot because the sun is going down. First let me give you a brief introduction to what “The Boot Camp Diaries” are all about. 

“The Boot Camp Diaries” is going to be our regular Saturday blog from now until the end of July. I will update you on everything we do during class, send shout-outs to stand out “campers” and post videos and photos of stuff we’re up to. We will also occasionally have a guest writer– you guessed it, one of the “campers” who will fill you in on their personal experience and some of the highs, lows and occasional hilarity of boot camp.


If you need a little nudging to take the class, now you can experience it virtually through our Saturday posts to decide if you want to participate, and you can always drop-in for $15. Boot Camp is tons of fun, but we incorporate nutrition too, so you get the whole package.

So, lets get too it! Our first class was held yesterday, June 1st. It was a little chilly, so we got moving fast by doing “intervals” of high step-ups and playing “Two Lies & a Truth”. I always love adding ice breakers, it relaxes everyone and we all had a few good laughs. After a 10 minute warm-up, I busted out the boxing gloves and jump ropes for a fun little exercise that everyone always seems to enjoy (it’s great for getting out frustration!).

We followed our boxing training up with alternating jump rope and jump squat intervals- I bet everyone’s legs are sore today! Followed by incline push-ups, dips, and more step-ups. Because this was a demo class, I wanted to make sure we had fun but stayed light.

I paired everyone up and one person “caught” punches, while the other one performed 3 minutes of punching. Then, we switched and repeated the process. While you’re catching, your muscles are working pretty hard, because you need to stay rigid to catch the punch. On the flip side, while punching, you are getting a more cardiovascular workout.

Monday is the first week of class, & week one is all about “Base Building”- focusing on core, balance, body weight exercises, form, filling out food journals & personal dieting stories. Keep checking back each Saturday for more “Boot Camp Diaries”

JOIN US IN PERSON: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 – 7:45 PM 

Our primary meet-up location is “Linne Woods Parking Lot” off of Dempster and just East of Ferris. Class runs through July 13th.



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