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The Biochemista

Posted Nov 04 2009 12:00am
Hey y'all (now that I've been living in DC for a couple of years I think I can say that),

Welcome to my first post! I'm sitting here next to my lab bench with E.coli clones on my right and a soy latte on my left (good combo, better not mix the two) waiting for my sister to pick me up. I'm so fortunate to sit next to a large window but this whole "getting dark at 5:30 thing" is not helping in the productiviy department. I was totally planning on running tonight (1/2 marathon on Sunday, woooot!) but c'mon, I know I'll proooobably choose a hoodie, trash mags, wine, and the couch....hmmmm better get back on the AM gym routine!

So I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm 25 years old and just started my 3rd year (of forever) of graduate school in Washington, DC. I'm working towards my PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Sounds fancy smanchy..but that really translates into a lot of counting millions of cells, pipetting tiny volumes of clear liquids (1/60th the size of a rain drop) into teeny tiny tubes and doing stuff with them. Ahhh, it's not that bad :-) Well it does involve that, but some other cool stuff too...

Other than science, I live with my best friend in the entire world, my sister, and a great friend that we call 'Span' after the infamous Jessie Spano. Oh, and her cute little puggle, Beau. We live in a cutsie neighborhood that is far too expensive for us but we like to pretend we fit in with the rest of successful lawyers, lobbyists, and socialites. Acutalllyyy...we rent a bottom level apartment but I assure you it's pretty fantastic inside ;-)

I'm a science girl living in a world of (OK,'the' city for) politics.. and slowly, but surely being sucked right in...

Alriiight, ride's here..Have a fantastic night! Lights out in da Lab!

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