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The Best Tuesday Happy Hour

Posted Mar 14 2013 10:15am

I am always looking for a good happy hour spot with decent-priced drinks, a good atmosphere, and good food. I do not enjoy spending $14 for a drink here in New York. A couple of my friends told me that we must go to a lounge called Third Floor in Koreatown. On Tuesdays from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, it is all you can drink and eat for $20. Okay!

Third Floor is literally on the third floor of an office building. It is really pretty inside and not too crowded for such an amazing happy hour special.  I went with one friend that I know from high school and another that I know through my previous roommate. We have one thing in common, we love to drink.

I started off with beer, but decided I would last longer if I drank wine all night. The bartender just kept bringing more and more out! I was a happy girl.

The all-you-can-eat food is chicken, and a couple of other random snacks. Not the healthiest….but delicious (especially when drunk).

They served us two types of chicken. Both breaded, both a little spicy, both amazing. Oh, and they probably brought out 3 baskets of each! Glad I ran on Tuesday morning!

Next they brought out nachos. Not much to say about that. Anything with Cheese Whiz is awesome.

I was told the next dish was rice cakes in Kimchee. My roommate used to leave jars of Kimchee in our fridge for weeks so I am not a fan. It smells.

After sooo much chicken, the meal got a little bit healthier with a big fruit plate! So nice!

Then the meal got a little less healthy with tequila shots.

Best advice I can give about Third Floor: be nice to your bartender and you will get free tequila, go to this place very hungry, and exercise in the morning.

Now you can see why this is the best Tuesday happy hour. $20 for all of that! Who wants to go there with me next?

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