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The best marathon recovery and MORE races planned!

Posted Apr 29 2013 8:45am

I’m not well trained in marathon recovery, since I have only ran one, but I did my best. After crossing the finish line, my body was so worn out, frozen and hurting that I shuffled and limped horribly, even with the help of my man, to the car. 6

I didn’t take the time for an ice bath, one – because I was already frozen, and two – because I only had 30 minutes or so before we had to check out of our hotel. So instead I opted for the complete opposite and took a hot shower. I felt SOOOO much better afterward and could actually move my legs how they were suppose to move :)

I did the typical recovery things – stretched, iced, ibuprophen, stretched some more, iced some more and took even more ibuprophen and foam rolled.

But my greatest and most valuable recovery secret is this – my man!

My man massaged my legs every night for about 1 1/2 – 2 hours (while we watched a movie) until they felt better. By day three post-marathon I felt ZERO soreness. I still have yet to go for a run because I don’t want to hurt my knee again, but it has been feeling great otherwise. Aside from that my quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, knees, butt, hips (everything!) feel great.

Massage therapists are legit and if my man knew all their tricks of the trade, I probably would have been feeling better even sooner, but three days was good enough for me, considering the pain I was in during the race!


Now on to my running calendar. I have already planned a few more races (which is very much not like me). I don’t often sign up for races. I don’t like spending the money and I’d rather just run when I want to run (not at 5:30 in the morning when they say I have to). But I guess I’ve caught a bug this year!



One of my brothers girl friends (not girlfriend, but girl-space-friend…I wish it didn’t have the space though) came to watch my marathon. It was my first time meeting her and I just love her. She was asking me about my running and training and said she really wants to run a half marathon, but has no idea where to start. So what did I do? I of course found a half marathon close to where she lives and sent her the link and told her we are both going to do it! I also hooked her up with some half marathon training plans and I also am trying to get my brother and my man to do it with us, we’ll see. She is super excited and it’s really getting me super excited too!!


So that is my next race – August 3, Catherine Creek Classic half marathon . I actually ran it a few years back (in 2004) and got first place for the girls. But there were only 5 other girls, HA!! But I’m shooting for that same place this time, we’ll see though.


And the next race after that is the annual Huffing For Stuffing , Thanksgiving day run here. I have ran it 2 other times so far (the 2 other years we lived here I was a little too pregnant to run it). It is a little over a 10K and I want to beat my previous time (who doesn’t want a PR). Hopefully it wont be freezing and icy like it always seems to be.

2012 Logo-4 PMS Color- CIRCLE

Now I just have to go for my first run post-marathon. Wish me, and my knee, luck!

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