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The best italian meal & clubbing

Posted Aug 22 2010 12:00am

Friday night was a real BLAST! It was the last day of some interns, to say a proper goodbye 30 of us went for dinner and 20 went clubbing…sooo much fun!!! :lol:

We dined at Cafe Milano . The best italian restaurant I’ve ever been since I came to US (+ 4 years)

We start with some coctails. I had italiano :)


the bread was incredible! I even asked the waiter what was it so I can make it later… he said “Italian Bread”. Ha… thank you very much for the info :(


Bread with good olive oil is the WAY to go ;)


The menu was extensive and I took 10 min to decide but I made a right choice. Linguini Moschino


Imported linguini with maine lobster in a spicy tomato sauce


it was AMAZING!!! Seriously… the sauce was soooo good, perfect sour sweet taste with a touch of chili. The lobster was fresh, tender and the linguini al dente. PERFECTION!

Our table with my best friends in the intern program

At that point… with great food, great wine and great talk with great friends. I would call it an amazing night! I was enjoying every single minute of it. But the highlight of the night came later. I was full with that plate of pasta but someone said “No dessert dinner it’s not a dinner” RIGHT!!! I agree ;) So without thinking too much, I opted for tiramisu. This is what I always order when I go to an italian restaurant. It says a lot about the restaurant in my opinion ;)

So, let me present the BEST TIRAMISU I’ve EVER had!!!! :lol:


I don’t know how to describe how incredible is this. Last week’s tiramisu was very good but this way belongs to another level. Definitely they used a high quality mascarpone, because the texture is sooo rich and smooth. Before I could take of a picture of its layers, I already finish the WHOLE thing!!! This is really unusual for me. I usually would just “taste” the dinner…. 3-4 bites are enough to satisfy my sweet craving. And if it’s good, I might have 1/2 portion. But this time, even I was full, my mind couldn’t think before my mouth demanded the whole thing! Maybe I was in sweet comma afterwards but I was in HEAVEN!!! :lol: I’ll definitely go back to Cafe Milano, for more food and tiramisu!!! If I can give this place a rating. I’ll give 11/10!!!

someone spot me ;)

After dinner we went to Lima Lounge , one of the fanciest club in DC.

Since we were 20 of us, we got a table in the VIP room. The place looks very nice


more alcohol ….


gorgeous girls! ;)


Drinking, dancing! Life is good!!! :D I got home at 3.30 AM :shock: I feel I’m so not me lately: drinking alcohol, eating the whole dessert, clubbing, going home after mid-night. but you know what? I’m having fun! :lol: Sometime we need to unplug this way too and it’s okay!!!

Q: Which dessert do you always order in restaurants?

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