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The Authenticity of Being

Posted Jul 15 2012 12:51pm

Last year I met Ruben James, a fellow spiritual traveler and teacher, when he agreed to partner with me in the launching of my book, Forgive To Win!.

Sometime after that, he offered me a free session during which he would guide me through a “Quantum Experience” — essentially a guided imagery technique that takes one within, to discover one’s Inner Voice, one’s truth, one’s mission and authenticity, and to help one eliminate the internal blocks and barriers getting in the way of one’s success.

I took him up on his offer and he guided me through a powerful internal experience during which I got incredibly clear on my mission, my life’s purpose and what I needed to do.

It was simple. The information I received was not new to me. I understood its Truth and Wisdom. I knew I was connecting with my Higher Self.

What was new to me and what was incredibly profound despite its simplicity was the sense of Calm Knowing that this was Necessary Now. The time for putting what should be a priority on the back burner for some future day was over.

Right Now.
Time to start.
Time to Be.

My State of Mind Prior to my Quantum Experience

Basically, I have been using various social media for a couple of years now to post ideas and inspirations, to blog and video about cognitive tools and spiritual techniques people can use to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and to motivate people to change, to become more aware, to grow in Love and Compassion.

Several months ago I began losing interest. I was repeating myself. I didn’t feel the same passion as I did in the past. The energy and drive were real low key.

I realized I needed to go deeper into the work I was doing. And then Ruben James came along.

At the beginning of the Quantum Experience session, Ruben asked me to write down my Intention. This is what I wrote:

“My intention is to connect with the Collective Consciousness of my Spirit Group, and get clear instructions as to my Mission here and how to manifest it successfully. I will accept my Mission and do whatever it takes to implement its ideal expression. I will do it with Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Joy, Humility, Gratitude and Grace.”

Then Ruben guided me through a series of dialogues with my Higher Self. Ruben took brief dictation notes during the experience as I was speaking. Here’s some of what I said that he wrote down:

Stop thinking.
Thinking blocks communication.
Thinking comes from Ego.
It is limiting.
It blocks energy.
It comes from fear.

There is nothing to win.
There is no place to get to.
The First Step is the Last Step.
Time is false.
Eternity is Now.
Be-ing Is the Mission.
Being Loving.
Being Accepting.
Being Forgiving.

There is nothing else to be.
There is nothing else to do.
There is no other mission.
Whatever else may be necessary to do will reveal itself.

To be truly successful, fully engage in the Authenticity of Be-ing.

(Ruben James’ website: )

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