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The Army Validates Mental Fitness

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:33pm

Brig. Gen. Rhonda Cornum, Director of Comprehensive Soldier Fitness confirmed that the Army has realized the importance of mental fitness.  At www.Army.Mil  C. Todd Lopez quoted Gen. Cornum frequently in his article " Soldiers learn to impart mental toughness on others".

Brig. General Cornum compared physical and mental fitness.  "Mental fitness is like physical fitness: lifelong and ongoing".

I have emphasized that with mental fitness training people can be stronger than their problems.  Brig. Gen. Cornum emphasized the purpose of mental fitness training by saying "resiliency, or mental toughness, is part of the Army's larger "Comprehensive Soldier Fitness" program, that aims to ensure Soldiers are as mentally tough as they are physically tough".

Mental Fitness is the result of mental fitness training.  Brig. Gen. Cornum was quoted as saying regarding mental fitness "It is not something that you can do once, any more than you can get physically fit by one trip to the gym. This is not an individual single event. It is a way of looking at your psychological health as important as your physical health." 

What is mental fitness?  It is learning different thinking skills according to Brig. Gen. Cornum.  Mental fitness training makes people stronger and fit by learning powerful thoughts and how to think adaptively and quickly.  For example, in the North Star Mental Fitness Program There are 15 thinking skills that can be learned, applied to solve any problem or make a person mentally stronger and fit. 

Mental fitness training is for the average citizen as well as for the military.  The average citizen as well as military personnel must avoid self-defeating behavior and engage in successful behaviors in difficult circumstances.  Mental fitness training and resiliency training helps people cope with everyday problems and not allow problems to overwhelm us.

"Cornum said resiliency is a way of thinking that allows Soldiers not to fall into self-defeating traps. It takes a developed and resilient mind, she said, to put money problems, relationship issues, health issues, or tragedy on the battlefield into perspective, so a Soldier can continue with the mission and with life.

"Resilience is a way of thinking -- you apply optimistic thinking to a problem," she said. "It is really a difference between, for instance, when you invite somebody for a date and they say no, resilient people think 'their loss -- I'll do better next time.' What they don't think is 'nobody will ever like me. I'm worthless.' That's really what it is. It teaches you to remember that problems are temporary, that they are local." 

Mental fitness has been validated by the Army.  Mental fitness training can help you become stronger than your problems and not allow your problems to deter you from enjoying your life.  I believe that people need mental fitness training to cope with rough economic times as well as the emotionally painful problems in everyday living.

Is it time for you to invest and mental fitness training?

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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