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The Anatomy Student Guide To Endocrine System

Posted Nov 01 2008 1:15am
by James R

Has anyone not met somebody that won’t get moody at all? If something is going on with an person and we cannot explain it, we just say, oh they are being emotional. This does not just pop out from anywhere, it must come from someplace. That somewhere could very easily be the endocrine system. This system is accountable for very much of what goes on in our bodies. Its wellness is important, to our over all well being. If this system is not running the way it should ,then it doesnt matter how well the rest of the organs are functioning.

The endocrine system appears like a scary issue. Some of us actually do not really care to find out a lot about it. But isnt it a little unjust to pass judgment that a person as being just plainly moody, without taking the effort to understand just a little bit ,of what could be going on. Dont get me wrong, i did not mean that the endocrine system is the one that are causing everyone’s bad tempers, as the mood can be caused by different things too. What I am saying is, what would we lose to learn more about our own bodies? I mean, lets admit it, we have all been a little emotional from time to time. The trouble is often we reckon that this is a behavior that can be turned on and off, so we tend to snap back at a moody person.

The endocrine system is accountable for discharging internal secretions. Its these endocrines that move about our bodies doing all kinds of different jobs. The female endocrines for illustration, can play a huge role in the mood swings of a lady during, before, and after her menstrual cycles. So thats the reason us women can use, so where does that leave the men? I mean they dont have the female hormones bouncing all over the place. what would their excuse be for being irritable? Just the identical thing, only its the male hormones.

Even in todays advancment in medical research, there is however a lot of disputation considering the outcomes that the male and female endocrines have on a persons mood. However I reckon that married pairs, will be more liable to agree with the theory, that they make. Married Men have get to the point ,where they acknowledge ,that theres in all probability going to be a few days each month that the married woman isnt so nice. Its almost as though the male universe has accepted this as a regular occurrent. Yet women dont give the men the same consideration. When our men are emotional we very rarely would even see it being internal secretion referred.

So basically if we all had a little better understanding of how the endocrine system operated it might make a significant difference in how we treat, feel and comprehend another. Maybe then, we would not take the mood swings of others rather so personal. You never know, maybe then we may not be quite so defensive, which could mean less quarrels. That would sure enough be positive to a lot of relationships, not entirely between married mates, but kids, family and acquaintances as well.

Its an amusing view, to consider that we could make a much bigger impact on our everyday lives, only by knowing a little more about the human body.

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