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The 2 Week Caveman Diet Challenge and a Little SOA

Posted Apr 05 2012 12:00am
Lets be honest, we all go on and off health kicks, some maybe more frequently than others. Sure, its always more fun to eat junk food, indulge in a glass of wine (or bottle) whenever we want, or eat an entire block of brie to yourself while watching back to back episodes of Sons of Anarchy till 2 am..... not that I have ever done that before..... If you have never seen this show before, you must!!!
#1 reason to watch  Sons of Anarchy, Jackson Teller!!!
So as much as we LOVE to indulge (and believe me we deserve too!), why is it that we always end up going back to our healthy diet??? Well there are many reasons and it differs for everyone, but I would think the number one reason is how much better we feel when we are eating well!

I am going to be honest, the month
before my Tough Mudder training started I had fallen into some bad habits. My boyfriend and I had gone from treating ourselves to candy and a movie once a month on a lazy Friday night to treating ourselves every Friday night and sometimes during the week "just because", this was usually coupled with some wine. Don't get me wrong, we are both healthy eaters but we started treating ourselves way too often. Why was I treating myself anyways? Its not like I have been running around feeding the homeless or finding a solution to stop world hunger.... I simply felt that if I had a good workout then I deserved a little treat. Well all of those treats started to catch up with me after a month and I could tell they were totally counter acting all of my workouts. Now its not like I didn't know this would happen, I am a nutrition teacher after all!

So here is why I have been back on my usual healthy eating regime, BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER! whoo hoo! don't you agree? Discovering I have a gluten allergy has also been life changing, I haven't had any wheat or gluten in 3 weeks and my tummy has never felt better, no bloating or gas (TMI??sorry lol) nothing! I have also eliminated dairy, and sugar and alcohol from my diet.... which I will be re-intriducing in small doses.

What I have noticed: Besides some weight loss I have WAY more energy, I am not feeling weighed down by carbs, I am in a better mood, no headaches and I sleep better.

Who is going to try the 2 Week Caveman Diet Challenge?! Don't forget you get to have cheat days! Mine is in 2 DAYS! I can't wait for some Mini Eggs, my favs!  Check out my meal plan below!

Check out this website for the dish on what a  Paleolithic Diet is all about! 


Are you up for the 2 week Caveman Diet Challenge?? 
What would be the toughest thing to give up if you did tried this challenge?
Are you planning on "cheating" on your diet Easter Weekend?
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