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That's What Friends are For

Posted Sep 13 2009 12:00am
Quick Knee Info: I had some questions on my comments this morning about my knee history so I thought I'd do a brief recap. I was experiencing pain after working out in early May, so I went to the primary care and was diagnosed with patellafemoral pain syndrome and got two months of PT. The exercises I do are leg lifts on the front, side and while lying on my stomach, as well as some strengthening with the machines at the gym. I stretch my quads, calfs, and IT band. I also use the foam roller to stretch out my IT band before exercise. The PT helped a bit, and I got a knee strap that helped as well. My insurance only covers two months of PT, but I have continued to do my exercises for the past month and a half since I stopped PT. I have not run in 4 months except for the day I did my sprint triathlon. I also saw an orthopedist who did xrays. He said the xrays looked fine and said it was patella tendonitis, but seemed to think the patellafemoral diagnosis was right, so I'm not sure if they are similar. He said to schedule another appointment for April '10 because "normally we don't worry much about this until it's been painful for about a year" fantastic. So...yeah, any suggestions are welcome...

The bridal shower today went FANTASTIC. We had it at a place called Finale in Harvard Square. It's a place that specializes in dessert but also has delicious small plates for lunch and dinner. We got our own special menu made that even said "Tiffany's Bridal Shower" at the top.

The dessert was literally to die for, this is the chocolate cake (that was mostly mouse) that I had for dessert, yumm!

Tiff looked gorgeous and she seemed very happy (and maybe a little overwhelmed, but thats a bridal shower for you).

As I was helping Tiff open presents (seriously if you register at Crate and Barrel make sure you have a scissors at your shower haha!), I was thinking of how crazy it is that I was at her bridal shower. In my mind I feel like we are still 13 and giving boys food nicknames so we can talk about them and no one will know. This is a picture of me, Tiff and Lisa- the three of us were best friends for basically all of middle school and early high school. Tiff actually met her fiance because he is one of Lisa's brother's friends that we used to hang out with (and by hang out with, I mean we were all in the same house) when we were in middle school. They didn't date til MUCH later, but it's still very fun. I remember when she told me she was dating him I was like I REMEMBER HIM, that's crazy!

Just for fun...

This is my middle school best friends. I am all the way to the right. Tiff is in the brown shirt and hat in the middle and Lisa is to the left of her. A little different huh? I really wish overalls would come back in style, I love those. And...

Those are most of my high school best friends at our high school all night graduation party. From left, Tiff, me, Timna (bachelorette party last night) and Sarah. I am still good friends with all of them AND we are ALL getting married between now and next July!

That was me and Tiff at Disney World sophomore year of high school. The little kid in the picture is my little brother who just started college last week. Not so little these days. Ah memories. Okay I'm done now, I swear. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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