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That’s What It’s All About

Posted May 18 2013 10:10pm

It’s not about calorie counting. It’s not about low-carb, high protein or low-fat. It’s not about comparing yourself to others. It’s not about being the thinnest, leanest or skinniest. It’s not about wasting money on pills, powders and potions. It’s not about extremism. It’s not about the latest fad or diet trend. It’s not about being the best chef. It’s not about being perfect and having everything firgured out right now. It’s not about microwave results. It’s not about having all the answers to every question.

Feeling confident and strong no matter what the scale says!

Feeling confident and strong no matter what the scale says!

It is about finding what works for your body and no one elses. It’s about trial and error and having the patience to find your way. It’s about looking forward, not behind. It’s about seeking health over being “skinny”. It’s about being supported in your journey. It’s about finding balance and being ok with where you are at. It’s about making positive changes and choices. It’s about setting realistic goals. It’s about a journey, not a destination.

Change your mind- change your life!

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