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Thanksgiving Recap that I wasn't going to post

Posted Nov 26 2012 1:16pm
I have spent the past few days enjoying being home in my kitchen, having family over, watching old movies, football and enjoying delicious foods.  I have not spent any time at the computer!  In fact, I was not going to post anything about Thanksgiving, but was going to get right back into the "back on track" mode.  However, we had such a great week that I decided I had to share, even if just to memorialize it for myself!  I told someone today that maybe it was such a nice Holiday because I kept my expectations low.  I thought it would be a hard day and likely not much fun.  For whatever reason, I was wrong.  Maybe it was the low expectations, or maybe it was the fact that we celebrated Thanksgiving with the meaning it was intended:  with fellowship, thankfulness and lots of good food!

We had one of our best turkeys ever, thanks to Food and Wine, as well, as a fabulous dressing, thanks again to Food and Wine.  Both contained lots of bacon (to  my boys' delight!) and butter that I just had to decrease.  There was even kale in the dressing to offset all the bacon!  It was nice to have some new recipes, new ways to spend the day and really nice to have very little leftovers! 
Picture Makings for the Cornbread Dressing with kale and bacon
Picture It was so good!
Picture A little help mixing up the brine for the turkey
Picture Can there be too much bacon?
Picture Carving it up!
Picture My sweet sister-in-law
Recipes for 
Roasted Beer-Brined Turkey with onion Gravy and Bacon
Corn Bread Stuffing with Bacon and Greens can be found here:

That being said, now it's time to get to the "back in gear" part of the post.  Remember this? That's right!  The challenge is still on!  How are you doing?  You know, it's not what you eat on ONE day, but all the other things you do in between that make the difference!  So, I hope you have indulged in all things good, yummy and decadent, but know there comes a time to get back to your normal routine.  Today is the day!  Get rid of the leftovers!  Get rid of the pumpkin and pecan pie.  It's just too tempting to have it and not continue enjoying!  You know there will be more treats in your future . . . if you don't have them right now, it's okay.  Another Holiday is only 30 days away!  

If you need some workout inspiration, I have that for you, too.  Try some total body moves that include multiple  muscle groups - more muscles means more calorie burn, more strength and more results. 
Have a Great Monday!  Now to Cyber Shopping . . . 
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