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Thanksgiving Recap and Round 2 Leg/Butt Workout

Posted Nov 25 2011 10:54am

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Are you stuffed like a turkey and mending a food hangover? Or out and about shopping? Hope you all had a great day spent with family + friends, thats what its all about! And the food of course

In three days I made a crazy amount of food. Here’s what I ended up making:

Dessert: almond butter/chocolate chip/coconut oaties x3 (best.cookies.ever.)
pumpkin gingerbread
  pumpkin pie brownies with pumpkin pie topping
  apple cake
 apple crisp
pumpkin cranberry wreath
 butternut pie x2
and a pumpkin crumb cake with pecan streusel topping (veganomicon recipe- so delicious). This was just my dessert contribution!
Among all that was also two different cheesecakes, three types of chocolate mouse, tiramisu, honey layered cake, nalesniki (a Polish crepe- stuffed with sweet farmers cheese), oatmeal cookies, and another apple pie. WHEW! Talk about a serious dessert table!

Dinner: I made roasted brussels sprouts/broccoli/cauliflower,
deep dish butternut bake with pears (eat clean recipe from tosca reno- side dish winner! this was so amazingly good), ziti (made last month and froze it)
cranberry sauce with orange zest and cinnamon
baked spinach ” pie” – layered with phylo dough and feta cheese
mixed green salad topped with goat cheese, pomegranate arils, toasted walnuts, and served with a cranberry orange vinigarette  <–highly recommend making this! Perfectly sweet and tart

and of course, there was turkey, ham, roasted sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, 2 types of stuffing, another cranberry sauce (with walnuts and apples), steamed green beans, meat loaf (just in case there wasn’t enough meat already!), and a rice dish with olives, beans, etc. Are you sick of hearing about food yet?! That doesn’t even include appetizers. I’ll stop there though!!

I love Thanksgiving :)

Moving on! Today I slept in a whole extra 1/2 hour and skipped my morning workout just because I was way too tired. And hungry. Imagine that? I made myself a bowl of oatbran with egg whites and coffee, cleaned up, and did some online shopping.

I might make today a rest day, or do something light. BUT if you are looking for a good butt kicking workout, I changed up my last butt kicker  by upping the weight and sets and changing the order of some exercises, adding in another superset and more calf work. I was sore for a solid 2-3 days. I think I even gained an inch of muscle in my butt just from that workout ;)

Give it a try! I did this all at home, so for those who don’t have access to a gym, this is especially for you. And for those who do.. you should do it anyway :)

All these exercises (aside from the lateral side kicks and kickbacks) were done with very heavy weight. Adjust to your level. Always check before making crazy changes- these are just my opinions, I’m not a PT.

Aside from the supersets, the sets I did 30 seconds- 1 minute rest. Keep the rest around a minute

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 Kick my Butt- Round 2

Stationary Lunge 3×25

Stiff Leg Dead lift  4×12

Bulgarian Split Squat 4×25

Weighted Hip Thrust 4×30


- Step Up 3×12
-Kickbacks 3×25


- Plie squat(sumo squat) 3×25
-Lateral side kicks 3×25

End supersets

Plie Squat- to failure (50 reps)

Calf Raises with dumb bells  *no rest between sets*
- Toes pointing out (laterally) 25 reps
-Regular (toes straight forward) 25 reps
-Toes pointing inward 25 reps
-Regular (toes straight forward) 25

Dumb bell squat burnout (weight at side): 50 reps, rest 1 minute, 50 reps



Let me know if you try it. I got some good feedback from the other workouts and I hope to post more if you guys really like them!

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

Are you all about shopping on black Friday?


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