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Thanksgiving Nesting #WIAW No. 8

Posted Nov 22 2012 1:04am
I thought only my daughter, Ryan, would be nesting. However, with baby number 4 on the way in January she's probably way to tired to do that. 
But it turns out nesting isn't just for pregnant women. It's for foodies too! I went completely bonkers today making dinner. Two days before Thanksgiving. Thank goodness I have five days off so that I can do a lot of working out. And cooking. And perhaps catch up on my sleep. Stupid insomnia. 

But let's get on with it. Thanks  Jenn  for the awesome linky and introducing me to new schools of food thought each week. 
It was a super busy traffic day this morning. LOL! It's been over a year since I've had to get on a highway to get to work. Don't miss it at all. Here's a gratitude for you....45 minutes of pure sky, trees, horses, cows, and Martha Steward Radio. Bliss!

I know that it's best to sit, relax, and focus on your meals when you eat to avoid overeating, mindless eating, etc. But really, what can get more relaxing than this ride? It's just a shame that the leaves fell so quickly this year. It makes it pretty easy to focus on my daily breakfast smoothie.


Time moved pretty slow today. Most likely because I was operating on three hours of sleep. Once again, stupid insomnia. I thought about going on for lunch but I really prefer that time to read blogs and  Tweet. I actually wound up getting hungry a little before noon and I grabbed the PB&J that I did not eat  yesterday. I ate that while I worked. Then I got a whole hour of blog reading and Tweeting! 

Lot's of water, of course!


First off, I have a snack confession. No, I did not eat any candy. Today. 

Here is the confession. When I first started this job, I was told to by a certain type of candy. I bought it for the longest time. I thought it was gross. I noticed that everyone is  always  in the candy jar. I changed to sugar free, gluten free candy my last candy run. Guess what? They are still  always  in the candy jar. And I feel better. Win! Win!

When I got home, I did heat up a few tablespoons of  homemade mac 'n cheese  while I started on dinner. I was hungry, man! 


All week long there's a turkey hotline on Martha Stewart Radio. Different chefs answer your Thanksgiving questions. It makes me think about food and cooking all day long. All day long. 

I had a chicken thawed and ready to cook when I got home. When I cook during the week I focus on one main dish and figure I can always steam some veggies to go on the side. I decided to use an olive oil rosemary mix to put under the skin of the chicken. 

I don't mind getting up close and personal with my poultry. My sister is gagging at this picture right now. 

Since I've heard about 5,000,001 gravy recipes on the radio, I have gravy on the mind. I threw some onions that I had in the fridge to the bottom of the chicken pan to make some gravy. Not that many, just enough to get crisp and add some flavor. While the chicken was cooking, I started thinking about the sides. It seemed wrong to have chicken and gravy without some sort of biscuit. And, yes, they need to be from scratch. Luckily for me, drop biscuits easily cook at 450 which is the temperature the oven is already on. So the last 12 minutes, in goes the biscuits.

My original plan was to get a run in while the chicken was cooking but with making biscuits from scratch and cleaning as you go I was in the kitchen all evening. Totally fine with me. The family was pretty happy with the results to. Not happy enough to allow me to take a picture of them eating it. They prefer to remain behind the scenes. 

Twitter Chat:

I think it's so cool that the 2012 IFBB  Miss Figure Olympia Champion  still pushes herself everyday. I'm also pretty happy that her Twitter profile pic is not  whorey  inappropriate like some of the other pros. Who I follow on Twitter is a reflection of me and half naked girls just looks weird.


Because of my total addiction to the Food Channel, I thought this was hysterical. 

                                                               Source:  via  Carli  on  Pinterest

I do yell at Restaurant Stakeout. Those people are idiots. 

Small Talk:
When do I need to change that pumpkin candy jar out for some other holiday/theme? Are you a Thanksgiving Nester? Before I edited this post, I had the word "totally" in here five times...what word do you see yourself using over and over?
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