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Thanks & Giving

Posted Oct 10 2010 12:00am
As I’m sure you know this is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.  I think it is the PERFECT time to introduce a new “series” I’d like to do on the blog every Sunday from today until Sunday December 19.  I’ll be calling it simply “Thanks & Giving”.   For the thanks part I’ll be reviewing everything I have to be thankful for in the week previous.  I find I get so busy that I forget to stop and look around me to see and appreciate all that I have.  In doing this I’ll be keeping myself aware of what’s been going on.  I’ll explain the “giving” part at the end of this post because it is something BIG!!!  To start, here are a few things that I am most thankful for, always;
First and foremost I am thankful for my 2 healthy, vibrant, active kids:
IMG_3688   IMG_3709 IMG_3654
I am also very thankful to have a strong, healthy body that obeys my every command.
I’m grateful that I am able to workout, ride my bike, move pain free, see, hear, hug my kids.  My body is not perfect, but still amazing!  I am thankful to have a good paying  job with an amazing boss.  I am thankful that I’ve been a homeowner for 11 years and that I can give to my kids all that they need (and want).  I am thankful to have delicious food to put on the table: IMG_3716 IMG_3673   IMG_3691 IMG_3694   IMG_3687 IMG_3675 IMG_3683
And my Thanksgiving meal at Mom’s… IMG_3739 IMG_3741
DS LOVES the turkey leg and devours one every year! IMG_3740
And in the theme of giving; this weekend we went through all our fall/winter clothes and put aside everything that was too small or that we wouldn’t be wearing again.  We filled a HUGE garbage bag and brought it to the community clothing closet: IMG_3734
Last year around this time I participated in Project Feed Me .  Natalie (who doesn’t blog anymore) organized an online food drive that was a huge success.  Basically, every Monday she announced a “food of the week”.  No item was more than a dollar and the idea was that everyone bought 2 each of said item to donate at Christmas time to the local food bank.  I’d like to follow this great idea again this year as part of my “Thanks & Giving” series.  Each Sunday from today until December 19 I’ll introduce a non perishable item on the blog with a photo.  By mid December I’ll have a fantastic stash to bring to my local food bank!!  Would you like to participate? All you have to do is send me a photo of the item of the week that you purchased along with a link to your blog to and I will post it on my site.  If you don’t have a blog just send me a photo and I’ll post that for you. **Note-you don’t have to purchase the same “brand” as me.   What I’d love to happen is to have everyone who participates take a final photo at the end of the drive as well and send it in to me so I can  do one great big post showcasing everyone’s efforts to help the people who aren’t as fortunate as us.  This week’s item will be tuna: IMG_3718
So, who’s in????  Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think and if you’ll be participating.  But whether or not you decide to join in, PLEASE spread the word along.  The more people this gets to, the better!!  THANKS!!  And just for motivation sake, this is what my stash looked like last year… Project Feed Me   
Bye for now!!
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