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thankful week 44

Posted Nov 04 2011 8:38am
Earlier this week I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Kelle Hampton , on gratitude and the importance of teaching children to be grateful.  Her writing is always so easy to read and the pictures of her gorgeous babies don't help one bit with my case of baby fever!  Two things she said really stood out to me:

"I am happiest when I am most grateful - when I am aware of my surroundings and what exactly it is about this very moment that makes me feel content."

"That moment of recognition - of being so fully aware that we were blessed and happy - it was gratitude in its purest form.  Everything seemed more vivacious, more purposeful, more pleasurable because were were so acutely aware of how happy we were."

I find myself so attracted to people who are positive, not because it's some kind of show they put on or because everything really is perfect in their world, but because they appreciate what they've been given and it causes them to celebrate life! 

This week I'm thankful for...

...the sun shining through my office window in the afternoon. cactus that is trying to outgrow my office!  Perhaps that has something to do with item number one.

...stopping by the hospital on Saturday to have lunch with Bennett while he worked.  We are not loving that he is having to work weekends as it's totally cramping his football fan style, but getting to share a quick bite together made the weekend so much more enjoyable. 

...something my yoga teacher said on Monday about holding a difficult pose until it's interesting, not hard.  I love that.  When life gets overwhelming and challenging, it's helpful to look at the situation as something interesting.  Something out of the ordinary, perhaps, that will help build character.  Perspective is a beautiful thing. extra hour of sleep on Wednesday because of a change in my work schedule.  How can one hour really make me feel so good?!

...the start of November.  It might be my favorite month.  I love the family focus of Thanksgiving without all the pressure that comes with Christmas.  I love cooking and feasting with people I care about.  I love taking the time to be intentional about gratefulness.  I love the weather in Houston in November - if you're considering a visit, come now, seriously. 

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Weekly workouts
  • Friday 10/28 - REST
  • Saturday 10/29 - 4 mile run
  • Sunday 10/30 - taught 45 min spin
  • Monday 10/31 - 3 mile hill run + 60 min yoga + 20 min leg weights
  • Tuesday 11/1 - taught 75 min spin + 20 min upper body weights
  • Wednesday 11/2 - 3 mile run + 20 min leg weights
  • Thursday 11/3 - taught 75 min spin + 3 mile walk
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