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thank goodness

Posted Nov 10 2012 10:51pm


It was a bit of a rough day over here friends.

Long day at work, aching back, another trip to the Apple store to get my phone sorted out, blah.

Not to mention it’s randomly cold and windy here in AZ (which I normally would welcome but it can also make a blah day seem even more blah…)

So thank goodness for furry little faces

warm, cozy pj’s

my foam roller

(and heating pad)

Perfect Fit single serving chocolate mug cake

topped with pb and dark chocolate chips. mmm….

And thank goodness for the Trader Joe’s clerk who put a smile on my face today:

TJ’s clerk: “So, you’re a vet huh…what’s the most intense procedure you’ve ever done?”

I proceed to tell the story about the time I anesthetized a 2000 pound breeding bull my senior year in vet school (<—plenty intense, trust me)

TJ’s Clerk: (mildly impressed) “That’s pretty intense… but maybe next time someone asks you that question you should make up something really cool like, ‘this one time, I placed a prosthetic limb on a chimpanzee’ or ‘there was the time I did a liver transplant on a rabbit’..”

Thanks for the suggestion, TJ’s guy. I’ll think about it. ;)

I think it’s going to be a DVR watching, blog reading, early-to-bed kind of night over here. Hope your Saturday night is going well!



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