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Terrific Treasures at Trader Joe’s, Part One

Posted Nov 01 2012 10:11pm

Trader Joe’s has been known to have some pretty stellar “health” foods. But, they also have a lot of frankenfoods that I would definitely consider “healthy junk food.” Here are some of my faves from good ol’ TJ’s…..

Rainbow Chard

This is delicious when sauteed with coconut oil and some shallots. This bag makes it super convenient and easy to use. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a bag of kaleidoscope greens?


They have two types of pre-cut, pre-washed kale. They have green and dinosaur. They are  perfect for making kale chips and kale salad.


They have great prices on different kinds of squash. Acorn, sugar pumpkins, spaghetti squash….all at great prices.


If you’re ever in need  of a quick lunch, you can grab a delicious salad for under $5. They are delicious and more often than not, quite nutritious!


This bacon is delicious!! It’s thick and flavorful and is nitrate/nitrite free.

Grass Fed Beef

They have about three different kinds of beef in the store: Butcher meat, natural meat and grass fed. The grass fed is about $6.50/lb while the others are much lower. If you can afford it, I would definitely go for the grass fed. Much better for you! Remember, you are what you eat eats!

Free Range Chicken

Another great example of how you need to be smarter than the label. While this is better than Foster Farms, it is still fed a diet of corn and soy. If you really want to invest in quality chicken, get it from a farm that lets the chicken run around and eat grass and bugs. Otherwise, this is a great alternative.

Not that these are healthy, but holy temptation!! I really wanted to try these, but I passed. So strong!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for part two of great finds from Trader Joe’s!

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