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Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

Hello all,

   I am terribly sorry about leaving the blog world for so long. I am currently trying to re-evaluate my priorities and get my life straight because I can not handle all of the stressors going on right now.

My computer crashed on me this past Friday and I was lucky enough to have a friend who is a computer genius and found 40 viruses infecting my computer. In addition to this my internship has developed into a serious challenge because we are starting the entire organization within the schools.

I spent the weekend in Williamsburg with my best friend who was home for fall break. We had an awesome time. We enjoyed dinner and wine one night and went to a the Blue Talon wine and food tasting on Sunday for the occasion of the arts in Williamsburg, Va. It was a great weekend and made me reconsider the amount of stress I put on myself to accomplish goals that sometimes are not attainable at the time.

I was able to take a few pictures but not many. I am sorry for that as well. I have a conference coming up this weekend at Sweetbriar College and then I have another conference next week. I also have a research paper I am currently trying to tackle so that I can be clear for the half marathon.

My running is falling behind because I have to many other obligations and I can not let that happen so something needs to give. This week I have not thought about the GRE or Graduate school and I have experienced a small relief. Hopefully this weekend after fall break I will get a hold on everything. As of now I am going to periodically post but I will not be doing it 3 times a day.

I think the reason my blog is falling behind is because I am becoming discouraged due to the small amounts of feedback I am receiving which is normal for a beginner blog. I am also discouraged because I do not have to time I need to devote to my blog to make it represent me and display personal aspects of myself. Hopefully in the future I can grow from this.

Sorry about the ranting and explanations. Thank you for understanding and I hope you still continue to check my blog :)

Here are my random eats from this past weekend and week.

TJ's pumpkin bread (courtesy of mom)

TJ' s pumpkin bread (courtesy of mom)


This is breakfast from this morning. Oats, yogurt, pb, ras., blueberry jam, 1/4 apple, and 1/4 banana. Of course cinnamon was added I add it to almost all my oats. I willl be back in action on Monday hopefully and devote a large amount of time to reviving my blog!!! P1010659

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