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Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm


Evening Everyone!

So, as I mentioned in my last post, the bf and I have found our new “go to” summer activity!

What is it you ask?



(we FINALLY found a public court)

The other day I noticed Tennis Racquets on sale at our local “Sport Mart” and thought we might as well give it a try!

I’m so glad we did.

We both took lessons when we were younger so we knew that we would at least moderately enjoy it.

Turns out we both LOVE it!

This is a fantastic game if you’re looking for calorie burn.

I would imagine it is because there are many “bursts” of energy through out the game.

Also, your entire body is working!

Especially when you aren’t the most skilled player and chase the ball around a lot!

Check out these stats:


I couldn’t believe that I had burned 926 calories – all while having a blast!

Here is a picture of the bf bringing the ball back one of the times it rolled out the door – like I said, we aren’t the most skilled.


Of course he ruined his workout by stopping for fries at the local chip truck.

I on the other hand waited until I got home to enjoy a nice healthy wrap.  Sorry no picture.

Monday of our long weekend rolled around and we were itching to play MORE tennis.

Here I am demonstrating my ball wall skill:



And here is the bf demonstrating his:


Now when we hit the court this time our bodies were a little bit sore from the previous day’s tennis marathon.

For that reason we had only planned on staying for an hour or so…..


Ha – two hours and twenty six minutes later I was ready to call it a day!

My calorie burn was lower because I was just too tired to work as hard as I had the day before.

I still had a fantastic time though!

I’m so glad that we found an activity that we both equally enjoy!

It is so much easier to stay motivated when you have someone along side you who is just as excited to get out and get moving!

Do any of you have a workout or activity partner? 

Do you and your significant other enjoy any of the same sports?


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