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Tennis Days

Posted Mar 24 2011 8:29am
Some of you may know that I was an avid tennis player growing up. I lived at tennis academies, spent my weekends traveling the country for tournaments, and ended up playing at a division I college. Sweat, tears, and joy were the results of my tough-love for the game. Thinking back, I never have really showed you my “world of tennis” in pictures. Take a look! This first one was taken while I was living at an International tennis academy is Sarasota, Florida.

The next one is a picture of me on the right with my coach and some of his younger up-and-coming students.

Oh how I loved doing sprints… I mean, don’t we all? I swear one day we did them for two straight hours. Man was that rough!

Below is a picture of my high school doubles partner and I after we won the state tournament. I was a freshman in this picture.

This is basically what my weekends consisted of… traveling on a plane to tournaments. Sleepy I was!

Oh you know… just taking and break and socializing in between matches. I really did have fun at all the tournaments!

We always went out for delicious pasta dinners to fuel me up! Penne pasta with marinara is my favvvv!

Look how cute my high school tennis coach was… hehe! Talk about a fun and laid back kind of guy!

National hard courts out in San Diego, California. What a beautiful and fun city!

The next one is my sisters and I out in Arizona for the Winter Nationals… we always had a blast at that tournament!

The next picture really does mean a lot to me. This is when I signed my national letter of intent to play for Syracuse University.

My team and I at the Billy Jean King Invitational in New York City – home of Arthur Ashe stadium. So cool!

Myself and Venus Williams at the US Open – she was so nice! Fun times in New York City :)

Like I have mentioned earlier, it was extremely hard to be so far away from home so I ended up transferring to Michigan State University to play tennis.

My tennis experiences have shaped me into the person I am today. I don’t regret one second of it!

My idea to write this post was the result of my first ever “ Picky Bar ” experience. Lauren Fleshman, the creator of these delicious energy bars, was a two-time 5k USA champion, as well as a five-time NCAA champion. According to Lauren, “When I set out to make a special gluten and dairy free energy bar for my husband Jesse, I had his health and my nose in mind.  There were specialty bars available that would keep him from starving on his long bike rides, but I couldn’t find a single one that was athletically balanced and tasted good.  If he was going to make it as a Pro-Triathlete, he needed to start getting picky about his diet.  With my nerdy Stanford background in science and athletic performance, I knew what needed to be created, but it wouldn’t be easy.” I totally wish I had these bars when I was training 7 + hours a day on the tennis court. Talk about an athletes dream come true – energizing and delicious at the same time! I was lucky enough to taste one of each of the three available flavors.

One of the cool things is that they just held a public contest to establish new names for their bars. I’m lovin’ on the fun names!

Lauren’s Mega Nuts – The Original Picky Bar

- First off, just take a look at the amazing ingredients: dates, peanut butter, honey, rice protein powder, rice cereal, apricots, cranberries, almonds, pepitas, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, chocolate chips, cinnamon, canola oil, and sunflower oil

- The chewiness of this one was divine – so soft and flavorful

- I could definitely taste the peanut buttery flavor with each and every bite

- These bars are not messing around, they are dense and ready to fuel you up – perfect before a nice long run

All- In Almond

- This variety is peanut free, dairy free, gluten free, and vegan – SCORE

- I would probably compare the consistency to that of a Larabar

- Talk about sweetened to absolute perfect – agave is also extremely healthy as well

- All I can say is, job well done Lauren

Nutless Wonder

- Sunflower seed flavored energy bar? Yes, please!

- After a 75 minute hot yoga class, this was tastin’ pretty darn good

- Once again, the texture was spot on – not too grainy and perfectly chewy

- So extremely excited to buy this on again

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