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Ten Tips For Shifting A Negative Mindset

Posted Sep 10 2012 7:46pm

We have all been there.

Those times when you feel lost – negative – struggling – weighed down.

And it can be hard.  Really hard.  To think that there will be brighter and better times.  Or that what’s bothering you will settle and not take up so much space in your thinking.  Or that you will be able to push through the fear that’s pulling at you and do what your heart is calling it to do.

Sometimes when we feel so overwhelmed we can think that there is ‘no way out’ but there always is – and for the better.  And in my experience coaching and counselling people it’s not always the big, grand and bold steps that make the biggest difference.  It’s often the little ones.  The baby steps.  That when all strung together add up to firstly subtle, then not so subtle, then beyond subtle changes in your life where you feel like you’re BACK.  BACK baby!  And if you’re reading this and feeling ‘Gawd – she’s talking about me’ – then I totally want you to get that sense of self back.

Here are ten tips/steps/suggestions I often give or encourage within my clients who are … Read the rest

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