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Telling People What To Eat is Boring & Stupid

Posted May 04 2011 1:10pm
I've been off the blog for awhile.
I'd like to tell you've i've been super busy and just haven't had the time but the wouldn't be exactly honest.

I'm tired of telling people what to eat. I know people make loads of money telling people don't eat this, eat that and jump 20 times. It's big business. Really big business.

Do you want to know why the diet gurus really make money?

Because nobody sticks to any diet very long. They all follow the pleasure principal and f8ck the discipline about 1 to 2 months in. They reward themselves with a cupcake that spikes their insulin - because that makes sense....right?

So if you're one of those people who 'diets' -you're making lots of other people very wealthy.

Good for them - not so good for you.

Working in nutrition is ridiculously tedious if you actually want people to feel better and look hotter. Because most clients sabotage themselves with inner talk that creates resistance and ultimately failure. 

Sometimes - I just look at the world and the bags of processed junk and sugar charged foods and putting cramming their faces with it - and frankly using hard earned money to buy it - and it makes me want to laugh.

If you buy oreos or donuts or anything full of chemicals or not naturally grown - you are paying to make yourself feel like crap and have a big ass. Organic veggies may cost more but diabetes medication ain't cheap.

People who know me will tell you I"m not good at sugar coating things, that's not my style and yet to be honest what people eat doesn't really bother me - in the big scheme of things. I make choices, you make choices. We all make choices. I just have to live with my choices and you must live with yours.

Some people need a health gun to their head to make a diet change - like clogged arteries or diabetes, or really they just are tired of having a big ass or a droopy tummy.

You tell yourself everyone else can have a bag of chips why can't I?

I'd tell you that you deserve better 
That the foods we eat everyday are the foods that heal us or kill us
that green is living
and lean organic meats have the real building blocks we need
I'd tell you sugar is the enemy....

and then I'd tell you the real enemy is yourself.

Most people in North America can control how much they eat, what they eat and how they eat it. That is a gift in itself. They are millions that don't have that luxury.

The irony that luxury makes us habitual lazy pleasure seekers that can't stick to our guns.

Summer is looking around the corner and let's be honest we want to look hot in our bathing suits.

Health as a motivator is great, trying on a bathing suit and not cringing is super fantastic.

Stop paying for a big ass. What you do today and everyday contributes to your ass of tomorrow.

Eat an apple,


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