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Teenage Drug Abuse Red Alert Signs & Symptoms

Posted Jan 06 2011 6:40am

Teenage drug abuse is a spiralling problem that youth face presently. Nearly all drugs that adults abuse are also done by people in their adolescence.

Alongside alcohols, here are some general groups of drugs abused.

    Tobacco-based items like cigar, tobacco chewed, cigarette. Cannabinoid (pot or marijuana among other nicknames) – smoking done using blunts, pipes, joints or bongs. Cough & cold medicines having sedative effects like Benadryl, Sudafed. Inhalant types like ammonia, gasoline that is usually ‘huffed’. Stimulant types like coke, amphetamines or nick-named as crack, speed among others. Depressant types like benzodiazepines, barbiturate or nick-named downers, reds etc. Hallucinogenic substances like magic mushrooms, at timed even dubbed shrooms or acid. Club drug varieties like Ecstasy. Narcotics like heroine, codeine, morphine nick-named as monkey, cody etc. Anabolic steroid, at times referred to as juice. Dissociative anesthetic like ketamine also dubbed as cat, love boat among others and their usage mostly termed as get-wet.
Perilous Effects of Teenage Drug Abuse
    Diminished focussing capability and sapped concentration levels. Sooner in life drug abuse is started, greater the likelihood that he/she would be developing a substance abuse issue & increased chances of them relapsing into substance abuse when they attempt quitting. Youngsters using drugs have a greater likelihood of engaging in risky sexual behaviours, or having sexual contact with strangers. Substance abused could be causing or masking some emotional issues like depressive tendencies, nervousness, deliriums, depression that could lead to mortality due to suicides or homicides. The use of anabolic steroid can make a man/boy impotent or enlarged clitoris in a woman/girl along with balding, arrested growth, stroke, heart attack, cancers, pimples, liver condition & infection like AIDS across genders. All-encompassing impact to the body occurs when substance abuse occurs like lasting harm to the brain linked to use of inhalant, strokes/heart attacks due to stimulant use, arrested respiration due to sedative – which could cause mortality.
Symptoms & Caveat Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Indications of intoxication or on a high among people are based on the substance being used like:

    Tobacco-based items – persistent tobacco stench, tetchiness, discolouration of finger tip areas, lip, teeth or buds of cigarettes spotted. Cannabinoid use – reddishness in the white portion of the eyes, drowsiness, feeling excessively hungry, least motivated, excessively happy or paranoid. Cough-&-cold medicines – drowsiness, swift or sluggish heart beat. Inhalant usage – nasal dribbling, smelling like gasoline or some solvents, perplexity or irritable behaviour. Depressant use – drowsiness, lowering of hang-ups, uncoordinated, slackened cardiac rate, blood pressure, giddiness, coma, mortality when used excessively. Hallucinogenic substance use – sleeplessness, blurry perception, paranoid. Dissociative anesthetic use – hypertension, elevated cardiac rate, feeling nauseous & puking, irritable/aggressive behaviour, memory failure. Club Drug use – Teenager having feverishness though not perspiring, locating several lollipops or some firm candy, he/she seemingly loving all of them &/or being euphoric. Anabolic Steroid use – the person becomes increasingly irritable or aggressive, swift pump-up in muscles, crown mane thins out or shedding, noticeable surfacing of pimples over a brief span of time, locating needles.

The physical withdrawal symptoms due to the abuse of such drugs are mostly contradictory to the intoxicating effects.

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