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Technology Boundaries

Posted Oct 13 2011 9:04am

As per my word on blogging .  A warming thanks to those who follow no matter what.  I don’t think my blog is going anywhere, but I do think that I am officially out of this “box” of watching what I say, following “guidelines”, and taking a fake interest in the lives of people I honestly don’t care about.  Following certain people/trends has literally sucked the fun out of this whole project and now its time to let all of that go.

This blog is and always was meant to chronicle a changing time in my life in the most honest way.  With school ending, the direction and challenges will probably be different, but I will keep being REAL no matter if I have 500 readers or 5.

With that said, I have to set some boundaries on bittersweet technology and really stick to them as part of coaching myself .  Yes, coaching yourself isn’t just about food and exercise.  Its also about setting your thoughts and habits to create more time for the things that make you happy.


Technology Boundaries

in no particular order

1.) For all computer related work, set a time management schedule.  Write down all your tasks and give yourself a time limit to work on them even if some tasks will take shorter or longer than planned.  Work on the most time sensitive or challenging tasks first. Having a time limit keeps me focused on the task without being tempted by email/social media or other distractions. Its actually pretty amazing to see how hard I work when I make it more disciplined.


2.) Only check email when you can respond to it.  Having an iPad, its hard to not randomly check my email at any given time.  Although there is a time and a place for “bored email checking”, a lot of important emails have gotten lost in a sea of ads and newsletters leaving no response to some things that really were important.  From now on I will only be checking email 1-3 times per day.  In the morning, afternoon and some time in the evening.  Each time I check it I must make sure that I am able to take the time to respond to it.

3.) Do not read anything that doesn’t interest you.  I’ve said this above, but I am serious about it.  If reading 3 posts a day by someone and commenting your brain out on other blogs is something that you really enjoy, then by all means, do it.  I personally refuse to read blogs or articles anymore that don’t give anything back to me or that I don’t learn from.

So I have emptied my google reader.  Yes, Unsubscribed ALL.  I don’t need the temptation or the time suck of scrolling through things just because.  I’m trusting my own intuition here as if I do want to read your blog/article whatever then I will go to it naturally.  If I really enjoy the person or information I’ll intuitively seek it out on my own time for fun and enjoyment, or because your simply my friend and I like hearing about you.

4.) Limit social media.  If I have no google reader, then its obvious that I have to set some boundaries with facebook and twitter.  I honestly have been anti-facebook for as long as I can remember and just recently joined, mostly for business purposes.  What I found is that I mindlessly look through peoples statuses multiple times a day just like I do blogs and only actually get enjoyment out of  few as a lot of people just bitch about their lives or things I don’t care about. So along with email, facebook and twitter will be checked 1-3 times per day or less.


I have a lot of quality work that needs to be done in all aspects of my life and I feel like to do that, I need to let go of the things that really aren’t making my life easier or causing more stress than I already have.  Hopefully, this will free up a lot of time for this work so I can continue on my journey in the most authentic way possible.


Have you adopted any of these boundaries in your life?  What is your best advice for limiting technology and things that don’t interest you?

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