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Techniques Used in Breast Reduction Surgery

Posted Sep 11 2012 3:05am
Breast reduction surgery is provided for reducing the size of the female breast. It ensures a more appealing shape and size to the breast; scarring is minimal and usually there are minimal or no sensory changes made to the breast.
  Types of Breast Reduction
 • Vertical Only Reduction Mammoplasty
 For about 40 years a breast reduction technique called the ‘Inverted T’, was in use. But this procedure leaves behind visible horizontal and vertical scars. But now the world of plastic surgery has introduced the Vertical Reduction Mammoplasty technique to the world. In this technique an incision is made in a ‘lollipop’ shape. Unlike the old procedure this method does not involve a horizontal incision, due to which it is also known as a shorter scar technique. There are two slits made, one around the areola and other a vertical slit that goes till the inframammary fold.
 A matter of importance in vertical reduction mammoplasty is the body’s ability to shrink its skin and reshape the breast. The surgery may need revision depending upon the amount of excess skin that was unable to shrink.
 • Liposuction Only Breast Reduction
 Breast reduction surgery via liposuction is proven to be a safe procedure for extra fat removal from the breasts. This technique is credited to be a ‘scarless’ procedure. Contrary to traditional techniques which leave behind scars, liposuction only breast reduction requires no major cuts or incisions. The small incision made to insert the tiny cannula heals soon without leaving any mark. Moreover, there is minimal to no sensory changes of the nipple areola region.
 The procedure is ideal for those candidates who are not much bothered about the shape and look of their breast, but are instead looking for a solution to the problem of weight and large size of their breast. Liposuction only reduction is ideal for younger patients with adequate skin tone. The procedure can reduce the female breast by more than fifty percent in size, apart from lifting the breast to a significant degree.
  The Right Surgeon Is Important
 A reliable, experienced surgeon can ensure a safe and comfortable experience as well as attractive outcomes. So, if you are planning to undergo breast reduction surgery, get in touch with a reputable plastic surgeon providing service from an accredited plastic surgery facility.
 Generally a plastic surgeon will not recommend this technique to candidates having medical conditions such as diabetes, multi sclerosis, asthma, and myasthenia, and to those who can’t bear long and painful operations.
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